Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Pick bands to play at Indietracks!

Hey there, here’s your chance to pick the last two bands to be given slots at the Indietracks festival.

(The Church Stage. Photo: Lostmusic) Stuart’s received literally hundreds of applications from bands to play this year, and has thrown it open to readers of the Anorak forum to select their favourites from a shortlist. All of these bands are charming and thoroughly deserving of a place, so please take you time and have a listen, then share your thoughts!

For one slot – We haven’t had any Italian bands at Indietracks yet, so to redress the balance, please pick one from the following four:

Orange LEM -
Le Man Avec Les Lunnettes -
A Classic Education -
Warm Morning -

For the second and final slot, please nominate your favourite from the following list of names – some recognisable and some brand new:

Modesty Blaise -
Pocket Promise -
The 10p Mixes -
Idiot Savant -
Tellus About The Moon -
The Rocky Nest -
Rosa Alchemica -
Help Stamp Out Loneliness -
Town Bike -
Cats And Cats And Cats -
Penny Broadhurst -
Ste McCabe -
The Seven Inches -
Little My -
Ally Kerr -
Sparky's Magic Piano-
pianoBenjamin David and the Goliaths -
Lucky Delucci -
Zissou -
The Understudies -
The Madrigals -
The Pony Collaboration -
The French Quarter -
The Hot Puppies -
Sam Loaker -
i:candy -
Young Sensation -
TV Glory -
We Show Up On RadaR -
My Sad Captains -
The Hillfields -

Once you’ve had a listen and made your mind up, please pop over to Anorak and let everyone know what you think! Anorak is a community forum and new members are very welcome and encouraged to participate fully. It's an indiepop forum run on goodwill, so please respect that. If you just pop over and cheekily spam vote for your friends' band, your views will be discounted!Please do pop over and join the discussions, it's a friendly bunch!

Happy listening!

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