Monday, 26 May 2008

New Wedding Present album released!

El Rey, the long-awaited new album from The Wedding Present, is released today on Vibrant Records.

The band, who are headlining the Indietracks Festival on July 26, returned from an eight year hiatus in 2004 with the release of ‘Take Fountain’. This long awaited album brought them back into the spotlight with all the style and sophistication associated with the legendary group, but fans were also pleased to see the band had lost none of their growling angst with which they had burst onto the scene more than 20 years ago.

That intensity has been turned up even further for the new album, ‘El Rey’, The Wedding Present’s first collaboration with the legendary Steve Albini since the renowned ‘Seamonsters’ in 1991. Written while David Gedge was living in Los Angeles, ‘El Rey’ burns with West Coast sunlight - Hollywood seen through the eyes of a gritty Northerner.

Don't forget to order a copy so that you'll know all the words to the new songs come Indietracks time! Ooh, and did we mention that we can't wait to see them play?

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