Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Indietracks picture bingo!

We know there’s around a thousand bands playing Indietracks at the last count, and you won’t probably won’t even have time to force out a little “eeeeeeep” in between sets, but we reckon even the most hardcore indie-poppers amongst you might need a bit of a sit down occasionally. And, as you sink your Real Railway Ale, soak up the sunset and keep an eye out for any rogue llamas on the loose, do have a stab at our Indietracks Picture Bingo game. Don’t let all those minor indiepop-celeb spottings and icky tent experiences go to waste - start totting up your points…..they could come in handy in months to come! What for exactly, we’re not sure, but points are always good - that’s all we know.
Erm, at this point we should probably confess that this game is not actually bingo as such, we couldn’t work out how to do the cards (!), but the game is easy enough to follow. Just accumulate points as you spot or do the things on our list. We’ve made allowances for bonus points, but do feel free to add your own spottages! And, if you want to shout “bingo!” at random moments anyway, well………..I guess we’ll see you down at the acoustic gazebo along with all the other over-excited, hyper-ventilating indiepop kids! Enjoy…

1 point – You spot someone wearing an aged Belle and Sebastian tee-shirt. And an extra five bonus points if it’s too difficult to read from far away because it’s so faded.

5 points – You see organiser Stuart Mackay walking around looking a bit stressed, phones tightly clamped to each ear. Take a bonus point for every non-essential phone he’s using.

10 points – You spot and accurately identify at least two members of Red Pony Clock – there’s just so flippin’ many of them! No points if you’re just guessing names like Dave though.

50 points – You manage to swipe Jimmy from Bobby McGees’ hat – don’t let the llama anywhere near it though, or you’ll never get it back. In fact, halve your points if the hat is later spotted on a llama's head.
100 points – You persuade Pete Green to lead a campsite sing-along (Did we mention we’re obsessed with this? If it happens and someone captures it on camera, please, please send it to us!) Subtract 10 points if he goes all shy mid-sing-along.

500 points - You find a random stash of booze in a roadside bush and manage to drink it before Matloob from the Roadside Poppies catches up with you. Deduct one point for every can unopened by the time he finds you.

750 points - You manage to locate and bring along a bouncy castle for the festival. We've heard there isn't going to be one this year, and our Indietracks fantasies have been slightly less bouncy as a result...

1000 points - If you manage to find Santa's secret grotto aboard one of the steam trains, complete with full on Christmas decorations and children's fancy dress angel outfits. However, be warned - every single one of your points will be deducted if you try to half-inch any of the goodies - that kind of behaviour is definitely frowned upon and the station-mistress will be after you quicker than you shout "But I just love choo-choos!"

10,000 points – If you see Dave Gedge in conversation with a llama. Take a bonus point (and maybe a couple of hours of sleep) if the llama appears to be talking back.

50,000 points – If you spot Stuart Murdoch serenading Stuart from the acoustic gazebo/ grassy knoll, whilst simultaneously declaring Indietracks to be “better than bread”. Take about a billion points and declare yourself the winner if you convince him to come and perform every year.

Ooh, and multiply all of your points by three if you have any llama-related anecdote by the end of the festival, no matter how dull.

Good luck! And do let us know if you have any other point-spotting ideas, cos we're just about exhausted from thinking up things we'd like to see! All this Indietracks-visualising is making us see imaginary llamas everywhere...can you tell?

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