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Indietracks reviews!

Hello everyone! How are you all feeling? If you're anything like us, you'll still be a little tired but at the same time also massively excited about all the new music you discovered over the weekend! We still can't believe how many great bands there were in one place, and we're already hoping some of our favourites have got Autumn tours lined up soon!Anyway, we've been keeping an eye on all you busy bees writing for fanzines and magazines, and have rounded up a selection for you to check out, along with our favourite quotes from the reviews!

A great review of the weekend. As it's a magazine, there's no full online version to link to, but here's a lovely excerpt:

Our fave quote: "...Indietracks is actually completely ace. We ride minature steam trains and talk to llamas. We sit on a hill in beautiful countryside and watch bands as the sunset explodes into crimson. We sit under clouds as big as spaceships and drink cider and the sky unexpectedly fills with hot air balloons and I think: "This is actually amazing. The best festival I've ever been to.""

A comprehensive day-by-day review that covers many of the bands, as well as the overall festival atmosphere.

Our fave quote: "...without doubt the most enjoyable and civilised festival we've ever been to in our lives. No wonder [Los Campesinos!] frontman Gareth Campesinos! looks humble and overwhelmed at the end. DiS is too – here’s to Indietracks 2009!"

Review of the entire weekend which also features a brilliant section where you can turn your favourite festival photos into e-cards!

Our fave quote: "Would I like to go back next year? Hell yes! A festival punter's paradise!"

A full-page review in the October issue (it can't be October already?!). It's just in the mag, so there's no link to the full thing we're afraid. It includes lovely reviews of Shrag, Mai 68s and Los Campesinos! among others.

Our fave quote: "...this is an event set up to please and surprise... a charming little gathering."

Review complete with daily diary section too!

Our fave quote: "Over two days, this quiet and secluded area of Derbyshire became an indiepop haven shaking to the sounds of good music. Add to this the heritage of the railway, and this unique little festival is on the right tracks."

A whopping three posts so far (and probably another to follow) from the hyper-productive indiepop website: Highlights Friday reviewSaturday review

Our fave quote: "It wasn't all about the music - but the music I got to hear was mostly wonderful. Indietracks is so much more than this -but it's hard to find the words that can sum it all up. The steam trains, the smiling people and location make it something I was just happy to been a part of."

Dean Jackson's The Beat show features interviews with popstars and festival-goers alike - click on the "Listen Again" button. You'll need to hurry though, as this will change on Sunday August 3.

Small news review featuring interview with organiser Stuart Mackay.

Our fave quote: From Stuart himself - "It was a tremendous success, my team, the railway, the bands and the audience were all delighted with the way it went – many people saying it was the best festival they'd ever been to."

Detailed reviews of Saturday and Sunday which incoporates loads of bands- we can't believe they managed to see so many- phew!

Our fave quote: "The location, the bands, the clientele, the organisation, the whole essence of Indietracks has seen an increase in publicity and numbers from last year and ridden it out spectacularly. It may not be the coolest to the Vice subscribers, but who cares when there's something uniquely special about Indietracks already."

A charming review from the Manchester indiepop club and fanzine.

Our fave quote: "Indietracks was a load of fun. Setting a festival in a railway museum - great move. Lovely band/fan run merch stand - brilliant. Ace bands and great people watching them - our favourite festival of the year!"

Fantastic two-day review from the Wales-based website, who DJed at last year's festival.

Our fave quote: "Oh, I don’t know what it is, this feeling I’m left with, there’s the huge buzz from seeing some of the most amazing bands, the pure-sugar abc sweets that will surely keep me awake for the next 4 weeks as well as the previous week, and then there’s that lonely feeling, no Darren Hayman to look forward to tomorrow, no party with the best of friends going on and on. It’s a sad feeling but a kind of sadness that the end of such a great event deserves."

A review of the Saturday, including The Wedding Present, Shrag, Comet Gain and more...

Our fave quote: "Sunburn is a small price to pay for this year’s event with its collection of British, Scandinavian and a few North American bands. The larger number of punters than last year brings additional security but doesn’t affect the sense of community, which is palpable and pleasing. It has just the right degree of amateurism, like stepping into a giant fanzine."

A lovely photo diary of the weekend's events.

Spiral Scratch promoter Marianthi's heart-warming pen portraits from her weekend.

Our fave quote: "I don't know how we can get away with Indietracks. It's so removed from everything we know real life to be and even further removed from what escapist fun is to most people. It can't even be called escapism because there is no real attempt to create a separate reality. It just is what it is in the most effortless way."

A review of Saturday featuring Shrag, Liechenstein, Red Pony Clock, The Kabeedies and more...

Our fave quote: "The ‘truly indie scene’ is right here at Indietracks hidden away in the middle of Derbyshire, having the time of its life, ignoring the irrelevance of the mainstream, ducking commodification, doing things its own way, getting on with stuff just like its always done. There are nigh on a thousand people here and nothing that even approaches being landfill indie. We are the popkids, we are the winners!"

Another comprehensive review which enjoyed Silence At Sea, The Just Joans, Darren Hayman, KateGoes, Little My and The Bobby McGee's, among many more...

Our fave quote: "An idyllic site -- complete with its own railway station -- was the perfect place for indie-pop fans to hop on board the train to Indietracks."

We'll keep adding reviews as they appear, so do keep checking back occasionally. Sadly, we'll be posting a little less frequently now, but we'll be back soon with news about the next Indietracks event in December. As always, we'll keep you updated with the latest news and gossip from Indietracks HQ - thanks for reading and keep sending your comments and ideas for the blog to

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