Thursday, 11 December 2008

Reviews of Christmas Twee!

Hello everyone! Well.....have you recovered yet? Wasn't it GREAT! Who can forget the Christmassy marquee, the storming sets from all three bands, that Snowman outfit and the disco in the dark? There's already a few reviews online - check out the blog of Kris from A Smile and a Ribbon, who entertained everyone with his wonderfully chosen records - and you can see his uber-impressive playlist there too! Also, we just want to say a big thanks to reviewer Julie Weston and her young daughter Mabel who came along from Egigs- visit the site to see her fun review and pictures.

Some of our fave photos from the night are in this post - including one of organiser Stuart looking slightly crazed - but you can also see more on Emma Pocketbooks' Flickr page!

Thanks again to everyone who came and made it such a wonderful evening. From everyone at Team Indietracks, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! xxx

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