Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bid for an Indietracks 2011 canvas bag – signed by the bands!

Ah September. As we dash about trying to keep our brollies from blowing inside out while the wind whips the leaves around our ankles, it’s hard to imagine that just six weeks ago we were bathing in glorious sunshine surrounded by steam trains, hot air balloons and our favourite bands. If only we could go back and grab a little piece of it to keep forever and ever...

Well now you can! Because while we were all going about our fun at the festival, our friends at the Midland Railway were secretly sneaking bands aside to sign their names to two very special canvas bags that YOU CAN OWN! And that’s not all – besides being autographed by the very hands of our favourite pop stars, they come filled with all sorts of goodies donated by the artists, record labels and the railway themselves!

These two bags (oh, how we wish we could keep them!) are now up for eBay auction, with all proceeds from the auctions going to the Midland Railway. The two bags vary slightly, but you’ll find all the details on each of the eBay listings, here and hereHappy bidding!

Limited edition canvas bags now on sale

If you miss out on the little beauties above, then you can always buy a limited edition Indietracks 2011 canvas bag online for just £5.00 – these are now for sale along with the digital compilation of the festival over at the Make Do and Mend bandcamp pageBuy a bag and get a free automatic download of the compilation!

Winner of the festival prize draw

We’d also like to congratulate the winner of the filled goodie bag won in the festival prize draw, Lindsay Bilborrow of Heanor, who was thrilled to have won and was hand-delivered her prize by one of the Midland Railway staff. Well done Lindsay!

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  1. More power to indie bands! I feel like indie bands have lots to offer to the mainstream music industry. I am so tired of auto-tuned pop songs.