Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Want to run a stall at Indietracks?

Each year we welcome applications from stallholders to trade in the Indietracks merch marquee. Over the years we've had record stalls, vintage clothes, hand-made jewellery, and lots of other crafty curiosities! Indietracks a great place to trade, with a lively fun atmosphere and a lot of friendly visitors passing through. The merch marquee is often the scene of spontaneous acoustic performances, so it's a really great place to be! Many of our traders return each year and always do really well.

Applications are now open to anyone interested in running a stall at the festival, which runs from 6-8 July 2012.

If you would like to apply, please send an email to Emma at indietracksstalls@gmail.com with details about your stall, along with a link to your website and photos of your product. Please note there will be a small fee to stallholders, payable in advance, to cover the cost of marquee hire for The Midland Railway, and to guarantee a space is held for you.

We look forward to receiving your application!

(Picture: White Town in 2011, taken by Another Form Of Relief)


  1. When you say spontaneous acoustic acts, is that only from musicians on the bill? Or could I get away with wiggling in with my ukulele? Does asking make it unspontaneous!? is that a word? aaaaaah! (my band are going to apply for next year! we're silly and missed the band application deadline boo boo boo).

  2. The *occasional* truly spontaneous acoustic act playing for some minutes I think can be appreciated but a whole afternoon of booked acts blocking access to the merch tables is not what the tables of goodies are there for. :-)

  3. Hi Sarah, it's sometimes musicians from the bill and it's fairly casual and ad hoc. We don't book it up in advance; the people looking after the merch tent tend to arrange things on the day. If you'd like to play at Indietracks, the best avenue is to apply for next year.

    Hi Jen, yes you're right the acoustic spots are supposed to be occasional and not block up the whole afternoon! We'll keep an eye on it :-)