Sunday, 26 April 2009

Indietracks interview #4: Little My

It's nearly May, and everything's shaping up nicely for this year's festival. In the last few weeks Camera Obscura and Butcher Boy have released new albums to rave reviews, and the press are beginning to publish their festival previews (here's an Indietracks feature in last Friday's Guardian). We popped in to see Camera Obscura at the Shepherds Bush Empire last Thursday, and closed our eyes and imagined how amazing they're going to be on the playing as the sun sets over the Outdoor Stage in July.

Today, we're joined by Cardiff pop supergroup Little My, who you may remember from their fun-filled impromptu slot in the tea tent at last year's festival. The band is a collection of 8 to 19 people, stolen from various Cardiff bands. They're best known for wearing animal ears onstage onstage, playing the shortest songs in indiepop and releasing a prolific series of EPs (helpfully titled in numerical order), which include releases on the fantastic WeePOP! (UK) and Little Pocket (US) labels.
Hello Little My! Tell us a little about yourselves...

Well, we come from Cardiff, we vary in number, our members can tessellate and we want you to have fun!

Indietracks is held on a steam railway. Tell us about an unusual place you've played a gig in the past....

Nine of us once managed to fit into the back of a transit van to play some some songs - while it drove around! It was great! There could have been more incidents of glock stick in the eye, or stylophoners cramp, but we escaped relatively injury free!

Phew - sounds exciting! Do any band members have any particular skills, hobbies or claims to fame you wish to share?

As a group of peopole we cover quite a broad skill range. We can search for gravity waves in deep space, build you anything you wanted from salvaged electrical goods, mend your ailing pet, speak Russian and climb up a pylon - all at the same time!

Sounds like you're full of suprises! Do you have any surprises planned for Indietracks?

Hmm, we have a rather extravagant line-up planned - hopefully our biggest band to date! It is going to be a challenge to fit us all on stage - perhaps we should begin our human pyramid training classes. We are also planning for some other Indietrackers to join us for some collaborations!

Human pyramids and gravity waves - sounds like Little My are going to be livening up Indietracks with their own special range of fun! We can't wait!

If you can't wait until then, you can watch this video of Little My performing their van gig.

The band have also very kindly given us mp3 Leaves Nothing, which you can download for free.

Next up: Ste McCabe talks about his one-man mission to provoke the Daily Mail....

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