Monday, 15 June 2009

Indietracks interview #12: The Manhattan Love Suicides

The MLS are the perfect band for anyone who loves fuzzed up guitar assaults, feedback, hit and run 10 minute gigs, female vocals, melodic pop, and ear-splitting minimalist noise… The band formed in 2006 in Leeds and have several releases under their belts, including the 27 (twenty-seven!) track CD album ‘Burnt Out Landscapes’, which was released on Squirrel Records and Magic Marker Records in 2008. The band will be playing a special acoustic set on one of the trains at this year’s festival.

Today we’re joined by Darren from the MLS for a few questions:

Hi Darren, what music are you enjoying at the moment?

There's quite a few good bands out there right now. Usually, I listen to a lot of old stuff but recently I've found myself enjoying Crystal Stilts a lot. Adam and Rachel are really loving the bands Ponytail and Women right now. Not sure about Caroline, she listens to Leonard Cohen quite often.

Where have you played an unusual gig recently?
Not really an unusual place as such, but we just got back from SXSW where we played in the yard of a small art gallery in the middle of a residential neighbourhood. There was free beer from a keg and a dog walking around the stage while we were playing. Some guy rode past the place on his bike and then just came in and started dancing with everyone.

What's going to be on your mixtapes on your journey down to Indietracks?
All the usual. Jesus And Mary Chain, Shangri Las, Guided By Voices, Black Tambourine, some Flying Nun stuff like The Verlaines and The Clean, early Flaming Lips, Modern Lovers, Buzzcocks. And it'll be the same kind of thing all the way back home too.

Do you have any surprises lined up for the festival?
The fact we're playing an acoustic set on the train is enough of a surprise I think. Don't get the wrong idea though about us....we don't plan on switching off the fuzz pedals anytime soon.

Thanks Darren!

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