Friday, 5 June 2009

Pictures of Indietracks

Last week we had a fairly specific press request for photos of the festival, and it sent us scurrying off to Flickr to see what was around on the internet. There's now over three and a half thousand Indietracks photos on Flickr, so there were stacks to choose from. We really enjoyed wading through them and thought we'd just post up a random few for you today.

In other news, we're planning to announce a Sunday night Indietracks headliner this coming Monday, and we're very, very excited about it. Please pop back on Monday to find out!

( Station platform. Photo: _light_o_)

(A steam train! Photo: acb)

(The Church Stage. Photo: Jonny Tansey)

(Last year's outdoor stage: Photo: Bob Stuart (Underexposed)

(A llama on the farm. Photo: Alice Hubley)
(The indoor stage. Photo: Trev McCabe)


  1. :-) awwww.... my pic is up there!

  2. keeping fingers crossed for not comet gain to headline.

  3. I like to recommend the Lucksmiths!