Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Indietracks interview #7: Jupiter in Jars

Jupiter in Jars are a multi-instrumental melodic folk pop trio from Sheffield, formerly known as Bethan y Rachel before they found their latest member, Camilla. You may have spotted them playing recently with Haiku Salut, The Just Joans, Pete Green and others, and we can't wait to see them playing on a steam train at this year's Indietracks!

Hi, how do you all know each other?
We all met at Sheffield uni where we were all magically placed together in halls and have been stuck with each other ever since!

Whereabouts do you fall on the spectrum between folk and pop? Are you a folky pop band or a poppy folk band?
However you want to hear it! We'd say we're more of a poppy-folk band, our main influences are Laura Marling, Nick Drake, James Taylor, Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes and bits and bobs of other genres that we see and hear around.

We know you like to play as many instruments as possible! What can we expect from you at Indietracks? Are you going to complete with Haiku Salut for the multi-instrumentalist crown at Indietracks 2013?
Between the 3 of us we have 2 vocals, 1 guitar, 1 guitalele, 1 mandolin, 1 violin, 1 flute, harmonica and the occasional bit of glockenspeil (and always wanting more)! We only have 6 hands though so playing these all at the same time could prove to be a challenge...

Playing at a steam railway is hopefully pretty unique. Have you played anywhere particularly interesting before? What makes an ideal gig for you?
We've never played anywhere that out of the ordinary before, however we have found ourselves on the bill with some math-rock/post-rock/hardcore bands that we really enjoyed, but we weren't quite what the crowd was expecting. We're really excited to play on the steam train and, being from Sheffield and having gone on the infamous monthly 'folk train', we've always had our sights on something similar! As for an ideal gig, we love playing intimate, laid back places with friendly crowds (who clap and cheer).

Do you have any other exciting plans or releases in the near future?
We're hoping to record an EP in the very near future but have yet to find anywhere to do this! As for exciting things this summer...Indietracks! As well as more gigs in Sheffield including the brilliant Peace in the Park in June and hopefully Tramlines festival in July.

What are you most looking forward to at Indietracks this year?
Having heard of Indietracks before, we're really looking forward to seeing how music and railway can collide (not in a disastrous way), and of course checking out the rest of the bands. See you in July!

Great, looking forward to seeing you on the steam train!

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