Thursday, 23 May 2013

Indietracks interview #9: Seabirds

Seabirds are a brand new five piece guitar pop band from Nottingham, and their music is a charming combination of harmonious pop songs with thoughtful lyrics. They’ve have kindly taken the time to chat to today’s guest interviewer, Claire Walker.

Could you please tell us about Seabirds? Is it a continuum in any way from Red Shoes Diaries?

Although we are very much a new band, there are some subtle similarities I guess. I'd like to think the song writing has matured a little, now that I've turned 21. But we still write melodic pop songs with thoughtful lyrics, but with a bit more loud guitar and stuff, courtesy of Ian Evans and Dan 'Dangerland' England. Dan is in a bike-gang, and 47 other bands. Ian is from Stoke.

You currently have no music online, when is this likely to change? Are you recording anything in the near future?

We have just finished recording our debut single, which we hope will be released in time for Indietracks. It was produced by the consistently awesome biscuit-fiend, Andy (We Show Up On Radar) Wright.

How do you feel about playing Indietracks Festival?

Excited. Not to sound sycophantic, but it really is the best festival in the world. When I played with my previous band in 2010, we had the best time, even though I had a bottle of bourbon and a bladder of cider confiscated. I have been back every year since, met lots of great people and put others in the recovery position after them passing out in a tin church. I'm sure we've all been there.

Other than Indietracks Festival do you have any gigs or festivals lined up for 2013?

We're playing Nottingham's Dot to Dot festival with Teleman who I really like, and a load of other hip bands that I've not heard of.

We play our first London show on 8th June at Power Lunches, and we're playing Rob's Dad's 65th birthday party. You can't come to that, but I'm going to sing some Smokey Robinson and eat my weight in vol au vents.

What is your favourite seabird and why?

The Blue-footed Booby, of course. Another good one is the Inca Tern; it looks like it has a moustache. Google it, it's cool. British Seabirds have had a rough year, in all seriousness, with two large oil spills off the south coast killing thousands of birds. So spare a thought for the real thing when you're watching Seabirds at Indietracks this year!

Many thanks Seabirds, I’m looking forward to watching you at the festival!

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