Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Workshop interview #6: DIY Fanzines!

Name: Pavla Kopecna/ Twee as Fuck

Name of workshop: DIY fanzines!

A little bit about you?
I run Twee as Fuck club, fanzine and record label together with Rory and Elaine, which involves putting on, releasing and writing about our favourite indiepop bands. One of the funnest parts is putting together the quarterly fanzine, where we interview our favourite musicians and other characters from past and present.

Description of your workshop:
In this workshop you'll learn how to put together and put out a simple fanzine and maybe even try your hand at making your own on the day.

What are you looking forward to the most at Indietracks?
Camera Obscura and The Bobby McGees! And the general mayhem and larks that apparently go on.

Do you have any camping tips?
Two words - "Thermal Underwear".

Have you been to the festival before? Do you have any Indietracks stories/gossip you'd care to divulge?
I'm afraid this is my first time. I was going to go last year, but my car broke down about 200 metres into the journey dammit.


Thanks Pavla! You can catch the workshop at 3pm on Sunday, in the Workshop Wigwam.

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