Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Indietracks interview #11: Flowers

Despite only having formed in April/May last year, Flowers have already toured Europe with The Pains Of Being Pure Of Heart and recorded with Stuart Moxham of Young Marble Giants, whom they have now just supported at a sold out Dingwalls! Fittingly, Flowers draw a line between the joyous fuzzpop of the Pains and the minimalist brilliance of Young Marble Giants – with screaming distortion calming down to singer Rachel playing solo on a one-stringed bass. The trio create a wall of sound larger than the sum of their parts - catchy pop songs hidden in noise.

The band have a 7" 'When You Lie' out on Cloudberry, and will release a single soon on Oddbox Records, Flowers will also be releasing a single and album soon with Fortuna POP!.

Today's guest interviewer is Niall from The Spook School. You have been warned!

Hello Flowers, I am going to need to see some identity papers, who are you?

To speak for everyone, we're Sam, Jordan and Rachel, but I (Rachel) am answering on behalf of all of us today.

How did you start making noise together?

Sam had this idea for a band a long time ago... Just took a while to find the right people. He remembered Jordan from college as being a good drummer, so he got in touch and bought him drinks and that was that. I answered an ad he put up on Gumtree for a singer. My audition was writing a melody and lyrics to sing over some demos Sam had made... We had so much fun doing it we haven't stopped since.

You have recently signed up with Fortuna POP! how did you start this sexy relationship? And what are the future release plans with the label?

Sean (of Fortuna POP!) just emailed us one day and casually said he was probably too late asking but were we looking for a label?... Fortuna POP! was the label we dreamed of signing with in the UK from the start, so naturally we said "yes"! Sean had only heard or early bandcamp demos, and hadn't seen us perform even, but apparently his good friends Trev (Oddbox) and Ian (How Does It Feel?) put in good words after seeing us live, so we have them to thank for that! We'll be releasing a single with the label imminently, and an album not too long after that. We can't wait!

A band that likes to explore, trekking around Europe with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and plans for New York's Popfest in June, what's it like travelling as a band? Does anybody have any bad habits? (I am a serial snorer and complainer when it comes to lifting things.)

We all get on ridiculously well. We also all live together, and somehow we've never had even a minor argument about anything!

Playing Indietracks do you have any secret weapons for your set? Pyrotechnics? Backing-dancers?

Sticking to songs ourselves, I think! But anyone coming can do whatever makes them happy as long as it's not too dangerous.

If you could have the perfect rider what would it be? (I would have beer, buckfast, and a boardgame)

The last tour we just asked for water, fizzy water, beer when possible and fruit... We later added wine as Jordan wanted to learn to appreciate it.

SCENARIO: Zombies are attacking just as Flowers take to the stage, you looking out into the crowd and see an undead horde making everybody frown (and die), how will you save the day?

Just play our set as usual. Our songs are very short, and from what I've seen in films the undead move incredibly slowly, so I bet we could finish our set anyway, and then tell everyone to move to a different and less hazardous position somewhere else.

If I were to try and marry all of Flowers what kind of bouquet would work best to seduce you?

Sam and I have hay fever, and Jordan's never mentioned any kind of penchant for bouquets, so let's just be friends : )    

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