Sunday, 16 June 2013

Indietracks interview #14: Frozy

Interview by Salle Pierre Lamy. Introductory band description by Michal William, Cafe Kino, Bristol.  

Frozy are Irina, Nicol and Rhiannon from London and south east England, sometimes joined by friends from other lands. They ask for little, and give plenty! Theirs is a dream-pop slumber-party that twangs with twin guitars entwined, and dips the chips in a bittersweet treat! Love songs played for sheer joy; a minimal twist of pounding hearts; a record player spilled over with Beat Happening and Wandering Lucy singles; a colossal rush of impulse, channeled as DIY enthusiasm!

Their lo-fi approach is unfussed and effortless; an authentic promise of summer-spun rain, and disarming honesty. When they sing, it is as though they are singing to each other, and you’re accomplice to the conspiracy - but you already wanted in on their gang, to get into reckless pangs and tangles! Frozy also co-run the trans-atlantic-based Trilingual Records label, which has released their Pulling Daisies album.

Today, Edgar and Bryce from Salle Pierre Lamy are making their debut as guest interviewers. You may remember them from this puppet-based video from last year's Indietracks, featuring Allo Darlin', Tigercats, Tender Trap and more! They spoke to Nicol & Irina from the band...

It seems a bit of a cliché to compare your music to other musicians' tunes (especially when you can listen to it right here so please describe what you sound like using all senses other than hearing.

Sight - Twenty somethings awkwardly dancing, sometimes becoming children, who are great at dancing.
Smell - Fragrant soapy, but not perfumey
Touch: when you stick your finger in a (big or small) body of water and briefly and barely touch a fish
Taste: eating your favourite candy then going swimming in the sea then choking on salt water and the candy flavour may come out your nose a little too

So we are going to cage you in our own private thunderdome and force you to fight another band barehanded. Who would you be evenly matched with? We want a fair fight.

We would fight The Tinklers. We're not too good at fighting, and I don't think they'd be so into it either. They'd probably just want to talk it over and figure something else out.

The Tinklers are the best.

Halfway through the battle we want to spice things up and introduce some weapons. Which musical instruments do you pick to arm yourselves with?

If we had to use a musical instrument for violence it would be the glockenspiel. It's piercing.

Bryce Dilemma: With the ‘amazing’ success of The Hobbit just recently, Peter Jackson is gearing up for The Hobbit 2! It’s set in winter and Frodo makes an appearance in this film and he wants to promote that. He’s asking you to tweak your band name just a bit so it rhymes with Frodo, so, Frozo (it’s just one little letter!) Working directly with PJ and McDonald’s, you’ll create an exclusive McHobbit track and video for the promotion of McFrozo pops and the movie.

You and your music will be used for all global promotional material. You’ll be dressed as Hobbits! You will each receive exclusive Golden Arches membership meal cards for life! Pete and Ronald are waiting for your answer, so hurry up!

We are sorry Peter Jackson, but Frozy don't feel comfortable working with McDonalds, and neither should you. Although, back in 2010, after a show in Belgium, a drunk person called Nicol, Rhiannon and our friend Morgan Orion, Hobbits, in an aggressive, derogatory way. The day after that, all our clothes were stolen.


  1. Despite the lack of credit, pre-interview text is by Michal William (who had no part in this).

  2. Apologies Michal, we've updated the post to credit the pre-interview text.