Saturday, 22 June 2013

Indietracks interview #15: The Lovely Eggs

Interview by Claire Walker.

The Lovely Eggs are a punk rock married duo from Lancaster, England. They have released three albums as well as playing hundred of gigs in Europe and USA. They have played at the Indietracks festival twice before and this year they will be joined by a special new addition to the family, baby Arlo.

Hello Holly and David, how does being a married couple and making music together work?

Well it means we get to go on tour together and drink Strongbow and have a laugh and meet new people which is pretty great really. For some reason people often think it might be difficult being married and being in a band together but it's not like that at all. In fact it makes it easy. And we've just had a baby, so we've got a whole family going on tour this summer. It works for us anyway, even though we know most people might think our workings are strange.

Where did your 'do what we like' ethos come from?

Punk Rock. It's the best and the only agenda to form a band.

How do you feel about playing Indietracks again this year? It must almost feel like a second home?

Looking forward to it. We played it the very first year on the steam train to three people watching and then again in the church a couple of years later where we ended up queuing to get into our own gig, so who knows what it will be like this time! If the Strongbow-ometer is anything to go by from last time, it should be a good un. Last time we ended up sleeping on the floor of Cherryade Records hotel room and woke up with pounding hangovers to the sound of the door bursting open and a high pitched scream announcing "house keeping" which is Cherryade Records' idea of a practical joke. Nothing is funny when you have a hangover that bad.

Is there anyone you are particularly keen to see at this year's festival?

It looks like a really good line up this year. Helen Love will be top of our list to see. Also Cars Can Be Blue (who we toured America with and are insane in a good way), The Wave Pictures of course, The Pastels, but loads really.

Can we expect anything new from the band this year?

Well we've just had a baby so that's our latest release and he will be coming on tour with us this summer. We've been writing some new songs but not sure when they'll be out yet. We've not really toured our new album Wildlife that much because Holly was 6 months pregnant when it came out so we're looking forward to playing some of the songs off that album live.

Thank you The Lovely Eggs looking forward to seeing you at Indietracks.    

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