Monday, 30 June 2008

Indietracks 2008 - an indiepop compilation

Make Do And Mend Records are releasing a double CD of bands playing at this year's Indietracks festival - and it's available from today!

The CD features 45 fantastic tracks, ranging from dancefloor fillers and punk-pop explosions to dreamy acoustic folk and gorgeous summer harmonies.

The compilation showcases a number of bands who are already causing excitement on national radio and across this year’s summer festivals, including The Kabeedies, The Voluntary Butler Scheme, KateGoes, Esiotrot and Slow Down Tallahassee.

They’re joined on the compilation by some of indiepop’s most celebrated names. The double CD includes never-released-before songs from ex-Hefner legend Darren Hayman and and acclaimed ukulele popsters The Bobby McGees, as well classic tracks from John Peel favourites Ballboy and Milky Wimpshake.

The compilation also introduces a wave of new and exciting bands from around the world, from A Classic Education’s dreamy Italian folk pop to Punk TV – Russia’s answer to the Chemical Brothers!

You can pick up a copy now for a bargain £6 (incl. p&p) from: or


01 Slow Down Tallahassee
Baby Don't Cry
02 The Just Joans Hey Boy...You're Oh So Sensitive!
03 Shrag Forty-five 45s
04 Milky Wimpshake I Wanna Be Seen In Public With You
05 Allo, Darlin' Emily
06 Marjit Vinjerui Good Thoughts
07 The Manhattan Love Suicides Clusterfuck
08 Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern Amy And Rachel
09 KateGoes Happy Dancing
10 The Occasional Flickers When The Sky Looks So Gray
11 Silverdrop Drown Her
12 Airport Girl Tenderness
13 Pocketbooks Falling Leaves
14 Mexican Kids At Home Female Thief
15 Lardpony Trance Anthem
16 Still Corners History Of Love
17 The Smittens Half My Heart Beats
18 The Zebras Push Our Way To The Front
19 The Good Natured How Can I Believe In You?
20 Liechtenstein Stalking Skills
21 The Bobby McGees U'r Enemies Enimy Is Yir Pal
22 Punk TV Every Minute Is OK
23 Cocoanut Groove The End Of The Summer On Bookbinder Road

01 The Kabeedies Sideburns
02 Esiotrot My Chemical Romance Saved My Life
03 The Retro Spankees Charlie's In His Garden
04 Little Things Brand New Rollerskates
05 The Deirdres Fun To Pretend
06 The Foster Kids Will We Ever Make Love Again?
07 The Mai 68s Totality For Kids
08 Tortoise Shout! Shanti
09 Red Pony Clock Don't Forget Who Your Friends Are
10 ballboy The Guide To The Shortwave Radio
11 The Rosie Taylor Project The Sun On My Right
12 Mono Taxi We Wanna Get Some Real Fun
13 Dirty Fingernails Bruno
14 The Voluntary Butler Scheme The Eiffel Tower & The BT Tower
15 Silence At Sea Come Home
16 Roadside Poppies Cute Susan
17 Strawberry Story Boys (from The Story) D&D Remix by Bernard O'Reilly
18 A Classic Education Badlands & Owls
19 Zoey Van Goey Two White Ghosts
20 The Starlets All To Make You Feel Brand New
21 Socks & Shoes And We Might Even Meet Dave Gedge
22 Amida The End Of The Affair

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