Monday, 2 June 2008

Indietracks - The Quiz!

Hello everyone! As you can imagine, we're getting increasingly excited over at indietracks Towers now, can you believe it's less than eight weeks away? How on earth are we going to contain our excitement until then? We're already making our compilation tapes, acquiring kitsch raincoats, dreaming about the perfect sunglasses and stocking up on camping/Travelodge essentials, not to mention trying to decide which bands to see!

We'll be announcing the final, full line-up and running times very shortly, but in the meantime here's a little Indietracks mini-quiz to get those old grey cells working. Some of the answers are lurking in our band interviews on the blog but, if you're very sad like me, you might like to save it for the communal train/car journey........there's nowt like a quiz to start off a heated debate!

But the fun doesn't stop here - oh no, sirree. Look out for our "What type of Indietracks-goer are you" and "Indietracks Picture Bingo" features coming very shortly...........bonza!

1) What is the name of the Indietracks organiser?
a) Stuart Mackay
b) Stuart Murdoch
c) Stuart Little

2) Which Brighton Indietracks band have been described as "Dostoyevsky doing Lonnie Donnigan" by Everett True?
a) Esiotrot
b) Bobby McGees
c) Bobby Brown

3) Which overseas Indietracks act has a band member sporting a Marmite tattoo on their back?
a) Liechtenstein
b) Dirty Fingernails
c) Punk TV

4) Which two bands won the Anorak forum vote to play the festival?
a) Retro Spankees and The Smittens
b) Town Bike and A Classic Education
c) The Occasional Flickers and The Occasional Flickers

5) Name three Indietracks bands with food in their name.

6) Which Indietracks band has a different theme of dress for every gig?
a) The Roadside Poppies
b) Little Things
c) KateGoes

7) Name three Indietracks bands with animals in their title.

8) Which children's TV hero has a life-size replica at the Indietracks site?
a) Superted
b) Bananaman
c) Thomas the Tank Engine

9) Which Indietracks band once appeared on the Antiques Roadshow?
a) The Deirdres
b) Voluntary Butler Scheme
c) The Wedding Present

10) What does Los Campesinos mean in English?
a) The tramps
b) The peasants
c) Choo chooooo!

11) What is the average temperature in Ripley in July?
a) 13 degrees celsius
b) 17 degrees celsius
c) What does celsius mean?

12) Approximately how many girls will perform on stage at this year's Indietracks?
a) 20
b) 101
c) 75

13) Who is the youngest performer at this year's Indietracks?
a) Rory Hill
b) Katie from The Kabeedies
c) Winston Echo

14) Which band headlined the Christmas Twee Indietracks event, back in December 2007?
a) The Icicles
b) Darren Hayman
c) Pocketbooks

15) What is the best thing about Indietracks?
a) the music
b) the firm but friendly railway staff and the petting farm
c) the tomatoes on toast veggie breakfast from the campsite canteen
(clue: there's more than one answer!)

1 - a;
2 - b;
3 - b;
4 - b;
5 - You could have Colliding Lemons, Milky Wimpshake, Strawberry Story, Cocoanut Groove and Lardpony;
6 - c;
7 - You could have Red Pony Clock, Je Suis Animal (just about!), Brontosaurus Chorus, Lardpony, The Zebras and Tortoise Shout!;
8 - c;
9 - a;
10 - b;
11 - b;
12 - c;
13 - a;
14 - a;
15 Everything - a), b), c) and beyond!

How did you score?

1-5 Get thee to the Indietracks website STAT youngstrel! Do you even know which festival you're going to? Now then....sit up straight, stop slacking and start swotting up, otherwise you'll be lost in the railway canteen when you should be watching the Weddoes!

5-10 Hmm, not bad, you'll do! You've obviously been paying attention but don't get cocky - you obviously need a little bit of extra tuition. Start boning up on your minor indiepop bands now, and you could be an Indietracks maestro come festival time!

10-14 Top of the class, and triple Boots points to you! Very impressive indeed - you certainly know your Kabeedies from your KateGoes! I've no doubt that you'll be expertly dashing from stage to stage like some kind of Indietracks supremo.

15 Stuart - step away from the computer and do some WORK! I've heard there's an outdoor stage to be built.....

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