Saturday, 7 June 2008

Indietracks interview #14: Esiotrot

Maths was never our strong point here at Indietracks Towers, but having taken off our socks and shoes and roped in some bemused passers by to do the same, we've eventually calculated that it's just 50 days until the festival! Including today, which is nearly over. Plus weekends don't really count, and nor do the days when there are Indietracks warm-up shows, of which there are maybe a dozen. Plus there's there's the Darren Hayman And Jack Hayter Play Hefner shows, which aren't proper 'waiting' days, the Indietracks Blog Summer Vacation, and the days watching Glastonbury on TV thinking "wouldn't this be better if it was on a steam railway and all my favourite bands were playing". And summer days always go quicker somehow. So really it's only a couple of days until the festival begins. Eeeek!

Anyway, there's still just about time to bring you a few more interviews, starting with Brighton's Esiotrot. The band take their name from a Roald Dahl novel (it's Tortoise spelled backwards - surely a fact begging to be included in last week's Indietracks quiz). Their first release was a self-titled EP in 2005 made of pretty much the first songs they ever made up. This was followed up by album 'Schmesiotrot' and a mini CD EP ‘The Dirtiest Birthday Present’ , both released in 2007. You might have heard their recent session on Huw Williams's Radio One show and the band are now working on a new album. Drowned in Sound have described them as ramshackle and charming and loved their horn section, and Indie MP3 praised them for their blend of indiepop with folkish undertones.

Hiya, tell us a bit about the band...

We formed in Brighton in late 2003/early 2004, no one can really remember. Every now and then somebody joined the band, and now there are seven of us: Matthew and Duncan on guitars, Adey on bass, Cat on drums, Tom on keyboard and glockenspiel and things, Thom on trumpet, and John on trombone. We've got a new record coming out soon, its called Seven Apples and it's got nine songs on it, one of them is called Tammy is Lez.

Do you have any unusual claims to fame or interesting hobbies?

Cat's hobby is mountain climbing. She climbed Snowden and she took me and Tom up Scafell Pike, in the Lake District, in a blizzard. I thought we were going to die. we've all got pretty good skills on the football pitch, apart from Adey but his background is in basketball. Thom used to be known as "Famous Thom" after he played trumpet on the Big Breakfast to mark the British invasion of Afghanistan.

What's going to be on your mixtapes on the way down to Indietracks?

Nobody listens to tapes anymore! Get over it! But if I could, I would like to listen to some Neil Young, maybe play it over someone's mobile phone, so everyone can enjoy it.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at the festival?

There's a lot of bands I want to see at the festival.The Wedding Present, because last time I saw them I drank too much and can't remember a thing. Rock and roll. Ballboy are great, as are Darren Hayman and the Wave Pictures, and Little Things are a very attractive band, I will not miss them.

Thanks very much. And finally here's a free MP3 from the band...

Free MP3 Download: Esiotrot - Bowling Song

Next up: Pocketbooks talk about the joy of Stoke and appearing in Faithless videos!

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