Friday, 11 June 2010

Indietracks World Cup songs!

You may have already noticed that the World Cup starts today! You'll possibly be either in a giddy whirl of anticipation and excitement, a rage of bitter resentment, or a calm state of happy indifference. We're very much in a whirl of giddy anticipation and excitement (well, some of us are...) but we promise not to go on about it here...

Except today! We've noticed that a few Indietracks bands of past and present have recorded World Cup songs. So here is our non-definitive list. Of four songs. Do let us know if we've missed anything!

Standard Fare: Vaya Vaya México!

This brand new song from Standard Fare (pictured above), who of course are appearing at Indietracks this year!, appears on the Indiecater Records download compilation Fast Forward. The label asked a stack of great bands to write a new song about one of the 32 countries participating in the World Cup, the only stipulation being that the song be themed on their chosen country and if possible be football related. You can hear Standard Fare's song on their myspace page and on the Indiecater website.

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – Don’t Get Fooled By The Football Players’ Summery Outfit

You'll of course remember Le Man Avec Les Lunettes from Indietracks 2009 (we interviewed them here!). They've also contributed an 'Italy' song for the above-mentioned Indiecater compilation, and again, you can listen to the compilation on the Indiecater website. In fact, you can hear the whole compilation on the website. And if you're tempted to download it you get not only the 32 songs, but also the striking original artwork by Alan Barrett and a digital World Cup scrapbook containing lyrics and facts about the compilation.

Eux Autres - World Cup Fever 2010

Eux Autres are another of the 'Indietracks Class of 2009' who are releasing a world cup single. "World Cup Fever 2010" is completely free to download from the Eux Autres Bandcamp page, and they've also made a fantastic video as below. Enjoy!

Paisley and Charlie - Saint George's Day

Bringing it back to Indietracks 2010, and with another tip of the hat to the Indiecater compilation, we're pleased to leave you with Paisley and Charlie's World Cup offering. We're not technically sure whether this should be attributed to Paisley and Charlie or their related band Detox Cute and the Beauty Junkies, but let's not worry too much about the specifics!

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