Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Music and craft workshop programme

(Photo: Tatty Devine)

It’s been another busy old week over here at Indietracks Towers. As well as trying to keep up with all the World Cup action (wonder if there will be any vuvuzelas at Indietracks this year?), some of us have been on holiday to Sweden and we’ve even found time to add one more brilliant band to the line-up – Antarctica Takes It! The band, who are due to release their second album Constellations on the How Does it Feel Be Loved? record label in August, write romantic, magical songs in the vein of The Decemberists and Belle and Sebastian. Rumour has it their performance at San Francisco Popfest was mind-blowing, and we can’t wait to hear what they’ve got in store for us this July.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Alice - our resident Team Indietracks craft expert - has also been enormously busy rounding up a fantastic line-up of music and craft workshops again this year. There’s a huge variety of activities, from a pop quiz and song-writing, to children’s mask making and knitting – we can’t wait! We’re just wondering how we’re going to have time to watch any bands....

As a taster, we’ve given a brief outline of the programme below. We’ll be interviewing all of the workshoppers in the next few weeks, so do keep checking back for more details!


2pm - Recycle Yo’Face!
Mask play with your own mask made of reused materials (Children’s workshop)

3pm - Knit a Neuron
Find out about the wonders of the human brain while knitting or crocheting a neuron – plus it’s all for charity!

4pm - Sugar Paper’s 20 Things to Make and Do
The bi-annual craft zine peeps show you 20 of their favourite things to make and do, including making a knitted headband, origami and much more!

5pm - Accessory Junkie
Delve into the stash of vintage buttons, buckles, lace, motifs and zips and learn to create that last minute touch to your outfit that makes you the belle of the ball!


12pm - How to build the perfect pop song.
Ben from Onward Chariots shows you how to make – and add pop loveliness to – a great pop song.

1pm - Never Mind the Pooh Sticks Pop Quiz
Bob from Shrag hosts the now legendary Indietracks pop quiz that sorts the indiepop hardcore from the lightweights. Time to start brushing up on that obscure twee knowledge, kids!

2pm - Club Baby Honey host Indiepop Guess Who
We have no idea how this is going to work, but it sounds ACE! London indiepop club hosts Baby Honey promise to bring a touch of retro gaming action to the ‘Tracks.

3pm - Stop Motion Commotion!
Two artists and filmmakers plan to bring Indietracks to life in animated plasticine – we can’t wait to see what they come up with!

4pm - Something from nothing: Making Useful Stuff from Rubbish
Learn how to make a handy wallet from an old tetrapak carton – and there will also be junk modelling for the kids!

5pm - Craft Guerilla
A chance to sit and craft with fellow crafty people. Craft Guerrilla are designing a limited edition music related craft kit especially for Indietracks.



  1. I promise the pop quiz will be easy this time, I'm not writing it!xx

  2. And I say Indiepop Guess Who will be super fun and completely safe on a hungover brain!

  3. While some of us were on holiday in Sweden, we learnt that the Swedish for 'choo-choo' is 'tuff-tuff'!

  4. Now I wish I'd thought of "knit a neuron" :-)