Monday, 28 June 2010

Workshop interview #2: Recycle Yo' Face!

Hello everyone! Despite us losing that little game of football, we're all very happy about the el scorchio weather over at Indietracks Towers, even if some of us are nursing sunburn - ow! More importantly, we are super chuffed because today is the official release of the Indietracks compilation CD. It's a fantastic record, full of top-notch songs from all of our indiepop faves, including some exclusively written for Indietracks. If you haven't ordered your copy yet, pop over to Make Do and Mend Records and order one now. The CD costs just £7 and is sure to sell out super-fast...

Today we're interviewing Recycle Yo' Face, otherwise known as Bex and Erin. Their children's workshop, held on Saturday at 2pm, involves making your own mask using recycled materials - sounds like fun to us!

Hello Recycle Yo' Face! Tell us a little bit about yourselves....
We're Bex and Erin, applied drama facilitators with an eco conscience, so combining our two passions! We hail from London and California. We love our indie pop too...and we love an indie barndance!

Can you give us a quick description of your workshop?

Children aged 4-11 create original masks out of reused materials and use their masks and their bodies to explore new characters using drama!

Sounds exciting! Apart from mask-making, what are you looking forward to the most at Indietracks?

Trains and music and buddies and masks!

And do you have any camping tips?

Don't forget your headlamp!

Thanks guys! Don't forget - you can see details of all of the Indietracks workshops on our website.

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