Thursday, 23 June 2011

Indietracks interview #14: Jonny

We're super chuffed to be joined today by Euros Childs from Jonny, who are playing the Outdoor Stage on Friday night at this year's Indietracks. Jonny is made up of Euros, formerly of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, and Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub. The pair first collaborated on Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci’s “How I Long to Feel That Summer in My Heart” in 2001 before meeting up in 2006 at Norman’s house in Glasgow to record some songs. Their self-titled debut album, which was released earlier this year, finds the perfect balance between Childs’ whimsical wit and Blake’s exquisite harmonies.

Hello Euros! Tell us a little bit more about how Jonny came to be, and the two of you ended up collaborating.

I first met Norman when the band I was in Gorky's Zygotic Mynci supported Teenage Fanclub on tour in 1997. Norman also played guitar with Gorky's for a tour in 2000 and played on an album. In 2006 I started going up to Glasgow to stay with Norman. We'd write and play covers and do a few gigs.

You write about a range of diverse topics, including bread and Gloria Estefan! How does the songwriting process work, and what inspirations have you been drawing on recently for your lyrics?

A lot of the album was written with two of us in a room bouncing ideas off each other and gradually creating a song.

We've recently been inspired by the cake gateaux. We have a new song called Re-Gateaux. The lyrics are basically the recipe for black forest gateaux. It's incredible to think that no one's thought of doing this before.

You've played with each others' bands previously, but how does playing in a duo compare with playing with your respective bands?

The duo set up is much less complicated than playing with a band. There's no sitting around for two hours listening to drum soundchecks. Also, you can fit the equipment in the back of a car and the stage is set up in 10 minutes. When we toured Britain it was only the two of us.

You're currently touring across the world - how is the tour going, and what have been your favourite shows so far?

The Jonny world tour has been cut short unfortunately, the American dates had to be pulled because of low ticket sales. We played in Japan though and that was fantastic.

We've seen a couple of shows now where you've played Spanish Dance Troupe and I Don't Want Control of You - have you been playing any other Gorky's and TFC songs during your tour?

In Japan we did a Teenage Fanclub song called Some People Try To **** With You and When I Still Have Thee. We did the Gorky's songs Let Those Blue Skies and Lady Fair.

Are there any plans for a second album?

There's a strong possibility that the second album will be a tribute album to Joe Meek called Jonny Remember Him.

What attracted you to playing Indietracks?

Norman recommended it.

Indietracks is held in the grounds of a steam railway - tell us about any other unusual places you've played gigs in the past.

Gorky's played a cave in Spain once and I did a gig a few years ago in Blaenau Ffestiniog, the venue was a converted court house. It still looked like a functioning court.

And on that note.......thanks Euros - we look forward to seeing you at Indietracks!

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