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Indietracks interview #15: Moustache of Insanity

It's just five weeks until Indietracks! Today we've an interview with Nik and Bill from Moustache of Insanity. Well it's kind of an interview. It's definitely worth reading... we'll explain shortly.

Moustache of Insanity play messy pop songs about the important things in life - cheese, mix tapes, freckles, ninjas, horror movies, love, Chuck Norris and sending postcards to strangers. Bill is on singing, electric guitar, iPod and moustache duties, while Nik sings and attempts to play the keyboard. They've played all over the UK, as well as places further afield including Berlin, Copenhagen, the New York Popfest and the Cosy Den Festival in Stockholm.

In 2009, the duo released two EPs 'Knock Knock...Who's There?' and 'Postcards To Strangers' as well as a self-titled mini-album on WeePOP! After a quiet 2010, Moustache of Insanity kicked off 2011 with a cassette EP on Fika Recordings, and this summer will see the release of their first proper album, called 'Album Of Death', to be released on PYT Records (CD) and Fika (vinyl), which will hopefully be ready in time for Indietracks!

We asked the band if they wanted to do something creative for their Indietracks interview, and they responded with a hilarious and slightly silly quick-fire instant messenger exchange during their lunch hour. Here it is in its entirety - thanks for sending this over guys!

Nik: Hello!
Bill: hello
Nik: Is this the Bill from Moustache Of Insanity?
Bill: Yes. Is this Nik from Moust…said band?
Nik: Yes it is!
Nik: Hooray!
Nik: So...I have a list of questions the friendly folks at Indietracks sent us.
Nik: We should probably answer some of them, right?
Bill: Yeah, I guess. some of them
Nik: Tell us a little bit about yourselves...ourselves...the band. Who are we Bill?
Bill: We are a duo. Like Batman and his friend. Or Paul Simon and His Friend.
Nik: So far...I've managed to drop prawns both on the keyboard and on my trousers
Bill: You're a prawn dropping mother effer.
Nik: and there's still plenty of sandwich left
Nik: are you excited about playing indietracks?
Nik: I am
Bill: Yep. This will be the fourth year in a row for us...not playing. Well, sometimes playing.
Bill: I am too.
Nik: Yeah...last year was the first year where we didn't get to play anywhere.
Nik: No secret shows, no nothing
Bill: I know. But, this year we don't need to play in secret.
Nik: hmmm...questions...What music are you enjoying at the moment?
Bill: Right this very second? Castle Talk - Screaming Females.
Bill: How about you?
Nik: Well, personally, I've been listening to an assload to Half Japanese, Japanther, Times New Viking and Let's nothing new there really.
Nik: But you know I've developed a minor obsession with bleepy computer games I've been listening to alot to chiptuney stuff like Anamanaguchi, Enfant Bastard and Math The Band.
Nik: SO THERE! True story!
Nik: Screaming Females eh?
Nik: I don't know them
Bill: Um, I heard about them in New Jersey. They're pretty good.
Nik: Oh and Tigercats!! Surely we should mention Tigercats? They're awesome.
Bill: I've also been listening to a lot of Myron Floren. Genius of the Polka.
Nik: Ha! really?
Bill: Tigercats are super awesome.
Nik: weirdo
Bill: yes, really.
Bill: it's not weird. you try listening to Polka and not being cheerful. Impossible.
Nik: They're making a musical about The Shaggs
Bill: Cooooooool!
Nik: There's a Swedish sweet called Polkapig
Bill: We should audition. I know we don't look like sisters...but.
Nik: Polkapigs and The Shaggs are both awesome
Bill: I want to eat one.
Bill: A polkapig.
Bill: What the eff are they? Like jellybabies?
Nik: Tell us about an unusual place we've played a gig in the past?
Nik: nooo...they're like minty Brighton rock it Brighton Rock? Or is that just a book?
Bill: We had that awful show at the hills in Muswell Hill. The one where they auctioned off bits of stuff from Grease the musical - like a program signed by Ray Quinn's girlfriend?
Nik: I was thinking about that one. We haven't really played anywhere weird. The train at Indietracks.
Nik: Yeah that Muswell Hill show wins the weirdness prize. definitely.
Bill: Wanooski in Vermont was a place with an unusual name. It's fun to say. Wah-noooh-skee.
Nik: I don't even want to think about it. There were gangsters, belly dancing and children's make up kits.
Nik: true. was fun to play as well. Fun to say AND play
Bill: Oh yeah - and that Russian mobster guy who kept snarling at his girlfriend and banging a champagne glass with his knife.
Nik: Do we have any exciting plans for the rest of the year?
Bill: You bet we do.
Nik: Oh yeah! The knife man. And then the promoter did a "sexy dance" by his table. That really confused him.
Nik: what do we have?
Nik: We have an album out soon!
Bill: Oh god, I'd forgotten about the dance. It was to "All that jazz".
Bill: We have an album out... and
Nik: It's going to be called ALBUM OF DEATH and it will melt people's faces! In a good way!
Bill: you already said it.
Bill: Yeah!
Nik: I did.
Bill: I know.
Nik: It's coming out on CD and on censored vonyl
Bill: Wha...? Oh yeah - we're going to censor it! A bit like this conversation.
Nik: vonyl is even cooler than vinyl
Bill: fuckin a.
Nik: well...there's a bit of filler that we could kill and I have a good idea for it...yes I do. But that's a secret. Well, at the moment anyway. Probably shouldn't mention it here.
Nik: question.
Nik: Do you have any surprises planned for the Indietracks festival?
Bill: He he he.
Nik: It seems silly to mention any specific plans
Nik: would kind of spoil the surprise
Bill: it would.
Nik: But if we get to play in the church (WINK WINK) then
Nik: then
Nik: then
Bill: Have you seen that movie the 6th sense? Like, if the trailer for that film had said, Bruce Willis, All American Ghost Doctor, just can't get seen in this town.
Nik: Yes...I saw it on a date once...many moons ago
Bill: Good date?
Nik: I guess
Bill: wa-hey!
Nik: but, we have plans for surprises
Nik: yes we do.
Bill: I saw There's Something About Mary on a date. And reader, i married her.
Nik: It'll be awesome and totally worth it for the people deciding to watch us.
Nik: huh?
Nik: you're confubbling me
Nik: I think that's it. I've finished my sandwich and should probably get back to work.
Nik: Do you reckon we've missed anything
Bill: I was just talking about a movie i saw. You finished your prawns?
Nik: I did. they were tasty
Bill: Do you have any plans for exciting lunches later in the year?
Nik: I get it
Nik: I read the sentence to all makes sense
Nik: not really. I might buy a burrito one of these days
Nik: that it?
Nik: Shall we say good bye?
Nik: probably should
Nik: I think
Nik: BILL?
Nik: BILL??
Nik: BILL???
Nik: BILL????
Nik: BILL?????
Nik: BILL??????
Nik: BILL???????
Bill: Sorry - the doorbell rang.
Nik: clever
Bill: Okay, g'bye!
Nik: Excellent. I'll see you tomorrow
Nik: I'll try to burn some CD's at home this evening
Bill: ta ta. yeah you do that.

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