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Indietracks 2010 quiz!

(Sunset dancing at Indietracks 2009. Photo: rainonthelens)

Okay, so we're all sitting and waiting patiently for the festival to arrive. It’s only a couple of days away but it feels like forever! So to fill the gaping void, here’s a quick Indietracks 2010 quiz!

This year we have a series of prizes, as follows:

a) the fact that if you win you will be the Indietracks 2010 Quiz Winner. Forever. Impress your friends. Find love. Join the immortals.

b) A copy of the Indietracks 2010 compilation CD. A double CD in fact, with 44 sizzling indiepop tunes.

c) A couple of Indietracks-related promos which we have lying around. (And by a couple we mean literally two.)

d) Um… we’ll try and find something else good, we promise. Some chocolate, maybe. Look it’s not really about the prizes, it’s the taking part. Plus we’ve been busy the last few weeks - 26 band interviews!

Anyway, if you’d like to take part, please email your answers by 2pm on Thursday 22 July to indietrackspress@gmail.com with the word ‘Quiz!’ in the subject title. We’ll stick the answers up sometime next week. Okay, here goes...

1. Which band claims to have a copy of Falling and Laughing (the original Postcard version) on tape?

a) The Pooh Sticks
b) Lime Chalks
c) Veronica Falls

2. Name three Indietracks 2010 bands with animals in their name

3. Match these four bands – The Loves, Standard Fare, Allo Darlin, MJ Hibbett and the Validators - to their lyrics

a) “Global warming is getting me down”
b) “It’s not a star, it’s a satellite!”
c) “My friend the dentist tells me time after time, water’s better for me”
d) “I was heading down to Balham when someone said let’s go to Clapham”

4. What’s the name of the refreshment buffet on the site (you know, the one just opposite the railway shop near the outdoor stage)?

a) Corrigan’s buffet
b) Jeremy’s buffet
c) Johnson’s buffet

5. Which of these songs is a hit song for Slow Club?

a) Giving Up On Love
b) Baby, Don’t You know?
c) Virgin Lips

6. Which indiepop legend did Darren Hayman compare to a “heartfelt, streamlined and robust” Diesel Multiple Unit steam train on the Indietracks blog?

a) Amelia Fletcher (Tender Trap)
b) Gordon McIntyre (Ballboy)
c) Tracy Tracy (The Primitives)

7. The documentary for the legendary Sarah Records label will be filming YOU! at Indietracks this year. But in which year did the label announce it was coming to an end?

a) 1991
b) 1993
c) 1995

8. How many pairs of shorts does Kip from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart own?

a) Two
b) Twelve
c) None

9. Name this Indietracks 2010 band

10. This year, Indietracks will welcome two artists with songs that have reached the top five in the UK singles chart – who are they?

11. Where’s the best place to park if you’re driving to Indietracks?

a) Butterley Station, where there is ample free parking
b) Alfreton town centre, a brisk hour walk away!
c) In front of the outdoor stage, for a true drive-in experience!

12. Which one of the following events will not take place at the Midland Railway Centre this year?

a) All Aboard With Ivor The Engine - visiting from the Merioneth and Llantisili Railway
b) Halloween Fright Night – haunted stations, ghostly train rides and a real ale bar
c) Whooverville 2 – a Doctor Who fan convention
d) Do The Locomotion! – an evening of dancing to 80s pop hits
d) Shunters – a celebration of diesel shunting locomotives

13. Which band won a UK Festival Award for their set at Indietracks last year, seeing off competition from The Prodigy, ZZ Top and The Specials?

a) Emmy The Great
b) La Casa Azul
c) Art Brut

14. Based on our minimal research and geography knowledge, which band are based the furthest distance away from Indietracks?

a) The Smittens
b) Red Shoe Diaries
c) Urbantramper

15. When's the last train from the festival site back to Butterley Station each night?

a) 8.30pm, meaning you’ll have to miss all the headliners
b) 12.15am, shortly after the last disco finishes at midnight
c) 3.00am, several hours after the site closes and we switch all the lights off.

16. Which Indietracks band wanted their recently-released album to sound “a bit like a tea party with a mad aunt who serves teacups of gin in her loveliest china set whilst surrounded by cats, books and cakes”

a) Betty and The Werewolves
b) Paisley and Charlie
c) Stars in Coma

17. What name were Antarctica Takes It! called before they decided to call themselves Antarctica Takes It!?

a) The Forestry Commission
b) Rhode Island
c) Penguin League

18. Caroline and Darren from The Blanche Hudson Weekend used to be in which band?

a) The Brooklyn Hate Massacre
b) The Manhattan Love Suicides
c) The Staten Island Apathy Wake

19. What’s the name of the tin church on the festival site where some of the bands play?

a) St Martin’s Church
b) St Saviours Church
c) St Peter’s Church

20. What’s the name of the pop quiz taking place on the Sunday afternoon in the workshop tent?

a) Who Wants Be A Millipede?
b) Never Mind the Pooh Sticks
c) A Question of Sportique
d) Kim Deal Or No Kim Deal
e) Don’t Try This Mexican Kids At Home
f) Wheel of Fortuna Pop!
g) Sean Price Is Right
h) They Think It’s Pullover
i) Fifteen-(nothing happened)-to-one

Tiebreaker: please come up with your own fun name for the pop quiz in question 20 – in the unlikely event that two or more people enter this quiz and score the same, we’ll pick the person with the best unique name as the winner!

Remember, entries to indietrackspress@gmail.com by 2pm on Thursday 22 July please.

Good luck!!

Update - 2 August:
This competition is now closed - thanks so much to everyone that entered! We received about a dozen entrants - okay, eight - all of whom scored an impressive 17/20 or above. Two people got 20/20 and the winning tiebreaker answer was 'Shooting Stars Of Track And Field'. Congratulations to the winner David Forbes - prizes are on their way!

The answers are available here: http://www.box.net/shared/a93k4d59m6


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