Monday, 19 July 2010

Workshop interview #7: Indiepop Guess Who

One of this year’s most anticipated workshops is Baby Honey’s Indiepop Guess Who. So let’s meet the people responsible and find out how they’re going to get this to work!

Hi, please tell us a little bit about you?

Baby Honey is a monthly indiepop clubnight with a residency at Buffalo Bar in London. We put on gigs by the bands we adore and play records that make kids go silly on a crowded dance floor. We're putting on a warm-up gig on July 22nd – the Thursday before Indietracks with five bands! So pop by and prepare yourself for the weekend:

Please tell us about the workshop

One fine day an idea dawned on me to combine the two things I love: board games and indiepop. Indiepop Guess Who? will feature our favourite indiepop celebs from Amelia Fletcher to Jimmy McGee to Edwyn Collins to melodicas and ukuleles. Faces on the cards change but the rules stay the same. Although, my favourite way of playing is to base the guessing on knowledge of these characters (i.e. things they've done, personality, year of glory, etc.).

What are you looking forward to the most at Indietracks?

Colin Clary's laugh. It never gets old.

Do you have any camping tips?

Tents tend to look alike. Especially after a day of real ale. Proceed with caution.

Have you been to the festival before? Do you have any Indietracks stories/gossip you'd care to divulge?

Of course! It's the highlight of the year! So many great stories: singing Talulah Gosh songs with Amelia and her daughters, learning Spanish with La Casa Azul, chasing sheep on a drunken walk to the campsite, having a llama eat my hair, waking up in strangers' tents, and being dropped on my back whilst dancing by Jimmy McGee…..list goes on and on.

Bring on the sunshine!

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