Thursday, 15 July 2010

Workshop interview #5: Craft Guerrilla

On Sunday at 5pm at Indietracks you’re cordially invited to come along to ‘A Crafternoon with Craft Guerrilla’ in our workshop tent. It’s ‘a chance to sit and craft with fellow crafty people’, and Craft Guerrilla are designing a limited edition music related craft kit especially for Indietracks.

Hi, tell us a little bit about you?

The Craft Guerrilla is a group set up to work with independent Crafts People, Artists and Designers Makers of quality hand made goods. The aim of The Craft Guerrilla is to join forces with other creative individuals and set up craft events in vacant or unused venues, associate with "friendly" businesses, provide a community to link and cross promote independent designer makers, sister armies in other cities, share web traffic, and provide helpful information to other designer maker groups as well as individual designer makers. The Craft Guerrilla have been putting on various DIY Craft Events in London and beyond since 2008.

What’ll the workshop be like?

A chance to sit and craft with fellow crafty people. Craft Guerrilla will be selling a variety of ready-to-make craft kits for a small fee which will include everything you need to make one small craft project. We are also designing a limited edition music related craft kit especially for Indietracks 2010! Feel free to also bring your own projects to work on in a crafty environment. Our community craft kit (containing scissors, needles, glue and other crafty necessities) and our the expertise of our tutors will be at your disposal!

What are you looking forward to the most at Indietracks?

Topping the amount of fun that we had at last year's indietracks and taking more of an advantage of the late night indie discos!

Do you have any camping tips?

Put everything in plastic bags - it will rain. Super noodles can sustain your food needs for an entire weekend. Remember where you pitched your tent - or find a way of marking it out as yours in a field of identical ones.

Ah, it might not rain! Let's stay positive :-) Do you have any Indietracks stories/gossip you'd care to divulge?

At Indietracks 2009 two of the Craft Guerrilla's were very taken with Disaster Radio. After seeing him play at Indietracks they started chatting to him rather drunkenly about how much they'd enjoyed his set. He seemed pleased if a little wary of the drunk, enthusiastic people. On getting back to London we discovered that Disaster Radio was playing a show in Islington. So the same two new Disaster Radio enthusiasts went along to see the gig. Again, they drunkenly cornered him after the show, raving about how fantastic they thought he'd been and did he remember them from Indietracks etc etc? Poor Disaster Radio, he was polite but cautious, eyeing up the Craft Guerrilla's to see if they were potential stalkers. Seven months later while traveling in New Zealand, one of the stalker Craft Guerrilla's walked into a bookshop to see... yes, you've guessed it, Disaster Radio! She decided not to approach him though for fear of a restraining order.

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