Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Indietracks on film!

Wow, so many of you were out and about with your video cameras at Indietracks this weekend - we've had a fine old time sifting through all of your offerings!

First up is a short film by the super-friendly Winkball team, who spent most of the festival interviewing bands and festival-goers about their Indietracks experiences and favourite music. Here's their short video round-up, featuring an interview with our very own Emma from Team Indietracks!

They've also uploaded four pages of individual interviews with you lot to their website. We haven't had time to watch them all but, out of the ones we did watch, we discovered that Stefan from Northern Portrait had to be treated by the Red Cross last year after suffering a tambourine-based injury! What a star! Type "indietracks" into the search box in the Entertainment section of their website - have a look and see if you can spot yourself in the talking heads videos!

Next up, we're particularly loving this video of All Darlin's Polaroid Song....the sun was starting to set so perfectly behind the outdoor stage at this point:

And this next film of Ballboy's Weekend Adventure is taken from a pretty strange angle, but we love it just the same:

But...(drum roll) our overall favourite video today is the wonderful Indietracks animation video made by enthusiastic workshoppers Stop Motion Commotion, and soundtracked by Allo Darlin'. We were lucky enough to see the little plasticine version of Indietracks that they made, complete with blue dinosaurs! I'm sure if they'd had more time they would have made a full-on Indietracks epic....

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