Friday, 22 July 2011

Indietracks 2011 Quiz!

Okay, it's Friday and its only one week until Indietracks begins. Hopefully, you've sorted out all your travel, accommodation and tickets, in which case you can relax and have a go at our Indietracks 2011 quiz!

We've a special and exclusive Indietracks goodie bag for whoever gets the most answers right. Please send your entries to by 2pm on Wednesday 27 July. We'll stick up the answers and announce the winner shortly after. Okay, here goes:

1. Which of the following is a Stars Of Aviation song about one of our Indietracks 2011 stars:
a) Herman Dune slept on my floor
b) Edwyn Collins lent me his phone
c) Norman Blake stole my car

2. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names are headlining our Friday night. Which of the following is not a Biblical name (as far as we can tell from the internet)?
a) Chloe
b) Bethany
c) Amanda
d) Naomi

3. When is the Midland Railway Centre open?
a) Every single day, including Christmas Day specials.
b) It’s not open in December or January in case of leaves and snow on the lines
c) It closes on August Bank Holidays for ‘essential engineering’ works
d) Every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day

4. Which of these is a song by Math and Physics Club?
a) April Showers
b) June Brides
c) November Rain
d) December Boy

5. Name this Indietracks 2011 band

6. Who played on the b-side of a song by indie-rock stars Athlete in 2003?
a) Brad Hargett from Crystal Stilts
b) Philippa Bloomfield from Dignan Porch
c) Graeme Elston
d) Paul John Sarel from Heroes of the Mexican Independent Movement

7. Which Indietracks 2011 artist writes a weekly column on the arts for national left-wing newspaper The Morning Star?
a) Withered Hand
b) Chris T-T
c) Remi Parson
d) Frances Mckee

8. Colm and Bentley from Help Stamp Out Loneliness used to be in which indiepop band?
a) Amida
b) Language of Flowers
c) Strange Idols

9. Name three Indietracks 2011 bands with names that involve parts of the human body

10. How many bands are featured on the Indietracks 2011 charity download compilation?
a) 20
b) 25
c) 35
d) 40

11. For which of the following bands did Joel Gibb from the Hidden Cameras recently contribute backing vocals?
a) The Decemberists
b) REM
c) Sonic Youth
d) Weezer

12. Based on our minimal research and geography knowledge, which band are based the furthest distance away from Indietracks?
a) Math and Physics Club
b) Sloppy Joe
c) Zipper
d) Haiku Salut

13. The History Of Apple Pie play at the festival this year, but when is the earliest recording of an apple pie recipe in the UK?
a) The fourteenth century, in the days of Chaucer and Richard II
b) The sixteenth century, as enjoyed by Shakespeare and Henry VIII
c) The nineteenth century, created especially for Queen Victoria

14. Who were Indietracks' first ever DJs? (HINT: they wrote a piece for the Indietracks blog this year!)

15. Name three bands from the 2011 Indietracks line-up who have food in their name?

16. According to their biography on the Indietracks website, which band describe themselves as originating from a message in a bottle?
a) A Fine Day For Sailing
b) Very Truly Yours
c) The Sweet Nothings
d) Guatafan

17. How many museums are there at the Midland Railway Centre?
a) Museums? Eugh!
b) The whole site is one single living museum of indiepop past, present and future!
c) Four – with everything from historic fork-lift trucks and buses to locomotives and much more!

18. What is Withered Hand’s real name?
a) Dan Popplewell
b) Dan Chapman
c) Dan Willson
d) Dan Johnston

19. What is the favourite type of crisp of John Blaine Hunt from Butcher Boy?
a) Red Hula Hoops
b) Pickled Onion Monster Munch
c) Worcester Sauce flavoured Wheat Crunchies
d) Spicy Nik Naks

20. Which of these is the name of an Indietracks 2011 workshop?
a) Knit The Nine O’ Clock News
b) Amy’s Origami Army
c) Theatre Of Sock
d) The Felt Tips’ Felt Tip Top Tips

Tiebreaker: please come up with your own fun name or idea for an Indietracks workshop – in the unlikely event that two or more people enter this quiz and score the same, we’ll pick the person with the best unique name as the winner!

Remember, please send your answers to by 2pm on Wednesday 27 July.

Good luck!!

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