Saturday, 23 July 2011

Sunday afternoon pop quiz with Gordon Ballboy!

Gordon McIntyre is enjoying an illustrous musical career: five ballboy albums, five John Peel sessions, sell out tours across Europe, America and Japan and a hit Musical 'Midsummer'. And next weekend, he'll be able to add Indietracks 2011 quizmaster to his CV when he and Katey from Spiral Scratch host our Sunday afternoon quiz in the workshop tent! They've both joined us today to tell us a bit more about it...

Hiya, how's this quiz going to work then?
It will be an indiepop quiz in the style of a traditional pub-quiz. It takes place in the traditional Sunday "hungover tae fuck" slot of 1pm so have your Bloody Mary's and Hairs of the Dog beside you for comfort. There's no charge, we are part of the Socialist Collective of Pub Quizzers. We provide our questions for the common good.

What are you most looking forward to this year at Indietracks?
Drinking, meeting up with pals watching bands we know (Jeffrey Lewis, Hidden Cameras, Withered Hand and especially Suburban Kids) and hopefully discovering some we don't.

Have you been to Indietracks before? Any interesting stories to divulge?
We've been to Indietracks many times between us. Have had some of our best weekends ever there.

Do you have any festival or camping tips?
Yes - make sure if you are camping that your tent is pitched securely within a larger structure with an en-suite bathroom such as a Travelodge or Premier Inn.

Thanks - see you next weekend!

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