Friday, 22 July 2011

Workshop interview #4: Knit Cave and the Bad Tweeds

Eek, we've quite a few blog things to get through before the festival starts next weekend! Let's press on with the next in our series of workshop interviews. Today we're chatting to Rachael who's running an impressively-named knitting workshop on the Sunday afternoon at Indietracks.

Hi Rachael, tell us about the workshop
We're Leeds Guerilla Knitting Group 'Knit A Bear Face' presenting 'Knit Cave and the Bad Tweeds'. Our workshop is going to be a knitting one, where we will be showing people how to knit instruments and various other objects. Or even a scarf.

The workshop is free. Wool and needles will be provided, but people are also welcome to bring their own.

What are you looking forward to at Indietracks?
We will be looking forward to knitting on a train and of course the workshop and all the amazing bands and atmosphere of Indietracks.

Have you been to the festival before?
I went to Indietracks in 2008 to play on a train with my band The Seven Inches and I liked twirling people in the disco.

Finally, any camping tips?
Take a nicely baked cake!

Thanks Rachael. You can find out more at the Knit A Bear Face Facebook page.

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