Friday, 8 July 2011

Warm-up shows!

It's just three weeks until the festival begins! If you haven't bought your ticket yet, they're still available to buy online from the Indietracks tickets page or by calling the railway (01773 747674).

And remember also to download a copy of the Indietracks 2011 compilation - 40 fantastic tracks, proceeds to charity, name your own price!

And if that's still not enough to sate your Indietracks appetite, there's a bundle of warm-up shows taking place across the country before the festival starts. Birmingham! Glasgow! Leeds! Nottingham! London! Leicester! Manchester! All of these cities will be hosting Indietracks events in the run up to the festival.

We've provided a list below, and we're keeping this information updated on the Warm-up Shows page of the Indietracks website, so if you'd like your gig to appear on that page just e-mail with the details! Okay, here goes...

Saturday 23 July - London
Spiral Scratch and Indietracks presents:
Amor De Dias + Tiny Fireflies + The Sunny Street
Notting Hill Arts Club, London

Saturday 23 July - Birmingham
The Party Planning Committee present
The Sweet Nothings + Anguish Sandwich + David Leach
The Victoria, Birmingham

Monday 25 July - Glasgow
Half My Heart Beats presents
Math and Physics Club + Very Truly Yours + Bubblegum Lemonade + The Hermit Crabs
The Captain's Rest, Glasgow

Tuesday 26 July - London
Which Way Is Up! presents
A Fine Day For Sailing +  The Proctors + Peru (acoustic set)
The Grosvenor, London

Tuesday 26 July - Manchester
Pull Yourself Together presents
Math and Physics Club + Very Truly Yours + Moustache Of Insanity + The Sweet Nothings
The Castle, Manchester

Wednesday 27 July - London
Spiral Scratch presents
Math and Physics Club + Very Truly Yours + Pocketbooks + The Sweet Nothings
The Windmill, Brixton, London

Thursday 28 July - Nottingham
A Layer Of Chips presents
Math and Physics Club + Very Truly Yours + The Sweet Nothings + Pocketbooks
The Chameleon, Nottingham

Thursday 28 July - Leicester
Sweeping The Nation presents
Help Stamp Out Loneliness + Ace Bushy Striptease + The Sunbathers
Firebug, Leicester

Thursday 28 July - Leeds
This Many Boyfriends + The Bon Jovials + 1tbc
Cardigan Arms, Kirkstall Rd, Leeds


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