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Indietracks interview #20: Band A Part

Just before we start today's interview, a tiny announcement: we've made a small adjustment to the Friday and Sunday schedules so that Jeffrey Lewis and Jonny can play for a bit longer. The revised schedule is here:

Okay, on with the interview... Band A Part are a Spanish indiepop duo featuring Javi and Coral playing wonderful pop songs using guitars, melodicas and xylophones. They're influenced by the Nouvelle Vague´s Godard and Gainsbourg, J.D. Salinger, Sarah Records, Stereolab, the Beach Boys and The Love Generation,

In 2008, they were one of the winners of a contest for new Spanish bands organised by Festival Contempopranea, performing at the festival that year. They were also finalists in International Festival of Benicassim and Lemon pop Festival in Murcia. Their EPs have been released on labels within and outside Spain, including Annika records, Bonvivant records and Molecula records (Mexico).

In October 2010, the band released their first single 'No sé por qué' on the influential Elefant Records. They've now released a second single called 'Una Persona Normal Con Gafas De Metal' on the same label. The band will play on the church stage on the Sunday evening at Indietracks 2011.

Hi, tell us a little bit about yourselves

Coral and Javi form Band à Part. We live in Madrid and the band was created in 2007 the same day we met. The reason we formed a band is that we have common musical tastes and passion for music, specially, 60s Sunshine pop, Shibuya-Key and twee pop.

We made three demos and won some contests, Elefant Records got in touch with us because they were interested in releasing a single vinyl with our songs.  The 7 inch single was finally released and it sold out in a short period of time. It was really amazing!

A second vinyl single is now available. It is titled “Una Persona Normal Con Gafas De Metal”. We are also really excited about releasing a 10 inch vinyl EP with Elefant very soon.

Do any band members have any particular skills, hobbies or claims to fame you wish to share?

We both are working as graphic designers for different Media Field companies. We usually illustrate the covers of our discs and design our own merchandising, websites, christmas gifts… All our video-clips are directed by us. We really enjoy doing lots of activities linked to creativity, although this means not to have enough time to sleep or other things.

What's going to be on your compilation tapes as you travel down to Indietracks?

Some of the new songs released last year and some oldies too. For sure, bands like Afternoon Naps, The Go! Team, The Garlands, Magic Kids, Tennis, Smith Westerns, Chris Montez, The Aisler Set, Maths & Phisic Club, Hazel Nuts Chocolate…

What attracted you to play the Indietracks festival?

We are totally happy about performing at Indietracks Festival. We heard wonderful comments about this festival talking, for example, with our friends from Zipper. We couldn’t come when Elefant Records Anniversary took place in 2009 and it made us feel sad. We celebrate the opportunity of performing at Indietracks, where some of our favourite bands have been performing. This is like a dream come true.

Thanks! Here's the band's latest animiated video from their new single:

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