Sunday, 17 July 2011

Workshop interview #3: Owl Knit You

Today we're chatting to Emily, who'll be running the Owl Knit You workshop on the Saturday afternoon at this year's festival.

Hi, tell us a bit about yourself...

I’m Emily and I work with a database by day, but am a knitter and crochet-er extraordinaire by night. I make anything from clothes to installations. My latest project is a free-form crochet dress that looks a bit like the shed skin of a ghost.

What your workshop will be about?

My workshop is about using basic knitting or crochet skills to make small things that can be put together to make larger things. It’s hard to start a big project, but easy to start a small one, so by making small bits and pieces, you will have a large pile to put together however you wish into whatever you wish! I will be providing basic crochet and knitting instruction for those who need it, or otherwise providing materials for your imagination to run wild into your own small project. At the end of the workshop, everyone’s small projects will be joined into a larger installation for the festival.

What are you most looking forward to this year at Indietracks?

At heart, I’m a bit of a train geek so music + trains = the best weekend ever! The line up looks amazing and I’ve heard good things about the beer selection.

Have you been to Indietracks before? Any interesting stories to divulge?

This is my first time, but I have plenty of second-hand stories from my friends who have been before.

Do you have any festival or camping tips?

It’s my first festival and first time I’m camping, so maybe I should be on the receiving end of tips!

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  2. wondering if you have read about us:

    knitting and crochet project, since 2008, working with communities to build large installations from individual contributions via workshops... etc etc etc

  3. Hi! I think I've read your blog before, lovely projects! Any tips for a fairly novice collaborator? I bought some brightly coloured crochet hooks for enthusiasm! xx