Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Appear in the new White Town video at Indietracks

Jyoti from White Town is asking for your help in making a new video at this year’s Indietracks. Here’s Jyoti explaining the idea and how to take part:

“Please you help me make another pop vid at this year's Indietracks? I've got one happy song left on the album and I think the Indietracks vibe will fit in beautifully with it.

“I'd like people to make signs (probs no smaller than 18 inches x 12 inches to be legible) with their names and how long they've been together written on. Plus any other adornment they feel like adding. Then I'll just take a quick four or five seconds while they pose/ smile / kiss etc. The whole song is soppy and about love so I think it'd be cool.

“If people are interested in taking part, what do they need to do? Well, I'm pretty easy to spot so I'd say to collar me at any time. If they want to get in touch now about it, the easiest way is via the White Town facebook page.”

Last year Jyoti filmed a beautiful video for his song ‘She’s a lot like you’, which we’d highly recommend:

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