Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Indietracks compilation now available!

We’re absolutely chuffed to tell you that this year’s official Indietracks Compilation is now available to download!

Featuring 49 tracks from bands and artists playing this year’s festival, some of which have never been heard or released before, this is essential listening for the run-up to the festival! It’s a great mix of songs, with brand new tracks by Indietracks veterans such as Darren Hayman, The School, The Just Joans, ballboy and The Smittens; some of our favourite classic pop songs from Go Sailor and The June Brides; as well as loads of brilliant stuff from the bands we’ve admired for either a long time or not long enough.

Putting the compilation together is one of the most exciting times for us, because it really brings home what’s in store over the festival weekend and how lucky we are to have a line-up that we’re really proud of. This year’s compilation seems to tell a story, starting off with a song about a first kiss on a train, and rounding off with a song whose lyrics remind us of the sad bit at the end of the festival when everyone says “see you next year”!

The compilation is available as a download only. This is so that we can give all of the money raised to the Midland Railway Trust, who hosts the festival. There is a small minimum payment of £1, but you are welcome to pay as much or as little as you like, and we’d like to encourage you to give as much as you can to help the railway and the festival keep going each year.

We’d like to say a huge thanks to all of the bands and artists who donated their songs.

The compilation is available to download here!

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