Saturday, 30 June 2012

Workshop interview #8: Magical Musical Album Cover Making Machine

At 3pm on the Sunday at Indietracks you’ll be able to join Ellie & Sarah's Magical Musical Album Cover Making Machine. Here’s a quick interview with all the details!

Please tell us a bit about the workshop?
Come and make record covers with us! Along with blank and old LP sleeves, we'll be bringing along pre-printed words (designed by Ellie) for you to select at random to make your band name and album title. We'll accompany these with some super stylish pre-printed drawings (by Sarah) for you to choose, and we'll help you put them all together to design a super-arty album cover.

There'll also be accompanying suitable colouring devices, an assortment of added sticky extras, and a whole heap of drawing, cutting and sticking things to make sure everyone leaves with an awesome piece of art.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves
We are Ellie (a graphic designer) and Sarah (an illustrator). We became friends through blurry chatting about music and design and illustration and things and thought this would be a good chance to put all our experience and loves together.

Ellie works as a graphic designer ( and has done graphics for lots of different areas including: film, artists, architects, charities and publishers. She collects old printed things and posts them here: Sarah is one half of illustration duo Crayonlegs (, and has had her work published in the Guardian, the New York Times, The Radio Times and Time Out to name a few. Having designed record covers for a few fancy bands including indie poppers Los Campesinos! so she is particularly qualified for the workshop! She has most recently been collaborating with Emma Gaston on ceramic pieces. She is also one-third of underused shoe-gaze band Fever Dream (

Have you been to the festival before? Do you have any stories you'd like to divulge with us?
Ellie is fresh to Indietracks and very excited. Sarah went to the very first Indietracks (which happened to be a boiling hot weekend) where her boyfriend’s old band Esiotrot played in a roasting hot tin church with no ventilation. As she watched as she almost got stuck to one of the benches as it was that sticky from the heat...

What are you looking forward to most this Indietracks?
Paul Rains? - Can we say that?! Or should we say Tigercats...!

Do you have any festival going tips?
Err... Napping! So you can fit everything in - not got a band to watch? Have a nap. Not making record sleeves with us? Catch 40 winks. It's a marathon not a sprint (apparently...).

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