Friday, 22 June 2012

Workshop interview #4: Indie-Pop-Lindy-Hop-Workshop

At 5pm on the Saturday at Indietracks, The Bobby McGees & Jimmy's Lindy Hoppers will be running their Indie-Pop-Lindy-Hop-Workshop!  

Hi, what’s the workshop all about?
Swing dancing and indie-pop music are two of the greatest things ever....we are going to take the revolutionary step of combining the two! You'll be jiving to joy division, Tripple stepping to Tigercats, hoofing to Heffner....but 1st of all you'll be learning to Charleston to Allo Darlin!

Please tell us a little bit about yourselves:
Jimmy & El have been "The Bobby McGees" for 10 years this year! Our first album was described by music critic Everett True as "inventing a new genre: Twee Jazz"...we kinda ran with that, learned trumpet, got into swing music and started lindy-hopping! Our first experiments with Indie-pop-lindy-hop were carried out at famous Brighton club "Another Sunny Day" and things blossomed and bloomed... now at Indietracks 2012 we are bringing it to "the kids”! We expect some pretty amazing videos!

Have you been to the festival before?
We've been to every single one... except the third one... Jimmy was at WOMAD by mistake!!!!

Do you have any Indietracks stories you’d like to divulge with us?
Ehhh....we have stories, maybe we shouldn't divulge them? 

Playing on the train....having my fave' band anounce (several times!) from the main stage that he'd just seen the Bobby McGees and loved them...Watching M J Hibbett on a huge stage....Crying when The Just Joans played "One last kiss from Bellshill station" and having the entire audience attempt to take my picture (what's so funny about a gruff looking beardy Scotsman with no teeth crying to a sad song????)...Getting drunk on Champagne at 11am at Gary Ballboy drummers wedding....Oh, and appearing on the main stage as Jesus with The Loves.

The drunk Scottish guy who got threatened with eviction by the campsite security for playing ukulele loudly at 4 in the morning? I told them, "It must have been someone who looked like me!" (Oh...and having a certain Ms Alice Hubley tell me we could dance "If I behaved myself.")

What are you looking forward to most this Indietracks?
As always, seeing new bands and meeting old friends!

Do you have any festival going tips?
Take ear plugs....there may be a drunk Scottish idiot playing ukulele at 4 in the morning!

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