Saturday, 16 June 2012

Workshop interview #2: Cake Club's Sugar Fuelled Cake Decorating Party!

The Cake Club's Sugar Fuelled Cake Decorating Party takes place at 3pm on the Saturday at Indietracks. We caught up with Verity and Andy to find out a bit more about it... 

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
We're Verity and Andy from Bristol and we love cake perhaps a little bit too much. We're two friends who divulge in a large amount of competitive baking as part of Cake Club. We meet every month and ruthlessly tear apart everyone's attempts at perfection. The rest of the time, I (Verity) obsess over indiepop and food, and DJ at Pop Off!, Bristol's super indie disco. Andy enjoys building things out of gingerbread and dancing.

I occasionally blog my cake efforts here:

What's it all about?
It's a simple premise - we will provide scrummy home-made cakes in an array of flavours, and masses of decorating paraphernalia and icing - the rest is up to you! Go crazy and decorate your cake! See who can cram the most jelly beans onto one cake, or arrange chocolate buttons into the shape of a cat, we don't mind! Just feel smug about your artistic creation, and then eat it.

We will also have some other sweet treats for people who are less enthusiastic about cake decorating, including the return of the legendary Monster Square, which contains enough sugar to power a jet. Possibly.

Do you have any Indietracks stories you’d like to divulge with us?
Cake Club was at Indietracks last year and it was spectacular! We both ate over 300% of an adult's RDA of sugar, ran round in circles, rode the train and danced to all the bands. We didn't realise how many children come to Indietracks until they all turned up at our workshop! Hopefully we'll see them again.

What are you looking forward to most this Indietracks?
GO SAILOR GO SAILOR GO SAILOR (and everything else - it's going to be amazing!)

Do you have any festival going tips?
Make sure you eat lots of cake to soak up the beer. It works, honest! 

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