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Indietracks 2012 Quiz!!

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It’s less than two weeks until Indietracks begins. Hopefully, you've sorted out all your travel, accommodation and tickets (aah - tickets!), in which case you can relax and have a go at our Indietracks 2012 quiz!

The winner will receive a fantastic vintage steam railways 2013 calendar plus any random CDs we find lying around! Please send your entries to indietracksfestival@gmail.com by 2pm on Wednesday 4 July. We'll stick up the answers and announce the winner shortly after. Okay, here goes:

1. Name three floral related artists at this year’s Indietracks?

2. Which magazine did Pam Berry help to start, later inspiring a Belle and Sebastian song? 

3. Which of the following workshop activities is not available at Indietracks 2012? 
a) Making a superhero costume
b) Cake decorating
c) Fanzine making
d) Postcard designing

4. Why didn’t Jimmy from The Bobby McGees attend Indietracks 2010? 
a) He dropped his ukulele in the sea
b) He went to WOMAD by mistake
c) He accidentally set fire to his shoes
d) He was performing on a Mediterranean cruise ship

5. If you’re a visitor and ordering a taxi after the festival, where should it pick you up?
a) At Swanwick Junction at the top of the very narrow lane
b) At Butterley station, where there is an accessible car park and handy pick up point
c) Outside the disco marquee – just beep the horn a few times!
d) Ha, taxis are for wimps, I’m crashing under the stars all night

6. Which band has the shortest track on the Indietracks 2012 compilation? 
a) Bart and Friends
b) Gold-Bears
c) Sea Lions
d) Veronica Falls

7. Anagrams! Identify the following jumbled up Indietracks 2012 bands:
a) As gremlins
b) Over-the-top cleaning
c) To camera  
d) Strategic

8. Name this Indietracks 2012 band

9. Which type of train is Darren Hayman a fan of?
a) Steam trains
b) Heritage diesel trains
c) Virgin pendolinos
d) The love train, love train

10. Which of this year's Indietracks bands filmed a pop video at the festival last year?
a) The Vaselines
b) White Town
c) The Monochrome Set
d) The Just Joans

11. Which anniversary are Language of Flowers celebrating at Indietracks? 
a) 20 years since their first gig
b) 8 years since their debut album
c) 5 years since they split up
d) 2 weeks since their comeback show in Belfast

12. Summer Camp's debut album was co-produced by which 90s' Britpop star?
a) John Power
b) Steve Mackey
c) Louise Wener
c) Bernard Butler

13. Doggy or Dodgy? Which band is this fact about?

In 2000, they visited the island of Taransay to entertain the participants of BBC’s Castaway.

14. Which 90s film soundtrack did Go Sailor provide a song for?

a) But I'm a Cheerleader
b) Legally Blonde
c) Clueless
d) Mean Girls

15. Girls Names are playing at this year's Indietracks. But can you name three bands at this year's festival which have girls' names in them? (excluding female solo artists, natch!)

16. Here's four sets of lyrics and four bands - which lyric belongs to which band? 
Bands: Allo Darlin, Summer Camp, Standard Fare, Darren Hayman 
a) Dawn broke out the window / The glass filled up with pink
b) You crossed the dance floor to me / Stepped upon my toes
c) Can you ever understand how you ended up here? / Any friend you've ever had has disappeared
d) I don't know what train we're on / And I don't care where we're going

17. What is Stevie Jackson’s unofficial middle name?
a) Stevie ‘Overdrive’ Jackson
b) Stevie ‘Reverb’ Jackson
c) Stevie ‘Wah-wah’ Jackson

18. The June Brides are playing at Indietracks 2012, but which one of the following brides did not get married in June 2011:
a) Rachel Weisz
b) Lily Allen
c) Kate Moss
d) Abbey Clancy

19. Joanna Newsom or Joanna Gruesome? Which band is this fact about?
They’ve released an EP on the BBC Radio One-endorsed Art is Hard label.

20. Liechtenstein are playing this year’s festival, but which of these is a painting by seminal pop artist Roy Lichenstein?
a) Whaam
b) Kazam
c) Pow

21. Tender Trap or the Temper Trap? Which band is this fact about?
They formed in 2001 in London with the idea to record two-minute songs without middle 8s or excessive choruses.

22. Velodrome 2000 are playing at this year’s Indietracks, but what is the distance of the Velodrome built at the new Olympic Park?
a) 250 metres
b) 300 metres
c) 350 metres

Tiebreaker: we’d love to have some themed food and drinks at Indietracks one day. For example, Microfisch and Chips, Veronica Falafels or Summer Campari. Please come up with your own fun name or idea for an Indietracks refreshment – in the unlikely event that two or more people enter this quiz and score the same, we’ll pick the person with the best unique name as the winner! 

Remember, please send your answers to indietracksfestival@gmail.com by 2pm on Wednesday 4 July.

Good luck!!

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