Sunday, 24 June 2012

Workshop interview #6: Come & Have A Go If You Think You're Indiepop Enough Popquiz

At 1pm on the Sunday at Indietracks you're cordially invited to take part in our annual quiz! We caught up with Gordon and Katey to find out more about their 'Come & Have A Go If You Think You're Indiepop Enough Popquiz'. 

Hi, tell us a bit about the quiz: 
It's an examination of your indie knowledge - this is where being an indiepop nerd finally pays off.  Bring your competitive spirit.

How much does it cost?   
Blood, tears and a little hangover perspiration

Please tell us a bit about yourselves: 
Gordon from ballboy and Katey from Music for Girls/Spiral Scratch will be putting you through your paces.

Any Indietracks stories you’d like to divulge with us?  
Yes we have.  Too many stories - Garyballboy's wedding, Mike Mystery's midnight disco in room 204 of the Premier Inn, eating flumps whilst watching Teenage Fanclub in the rain, Stereo Total stage invasion, dancing to the train disko in the early days, etc, etc....

What are you looking forward to most this Indietracks? 
Playing in the Church, catching as many lovely bands as we can, seeing our pals, steam trains and getting steaming!

Do you have any festival going tips?  
Yes!  Stay in a hotel.  Form a band and get to play.

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