Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Official Indietracks 2012 goodie bags - signed by the artists!

While everyone was going about their stuff at this year's festival, the staff at The Midland Railway were sneakily rounding up pop stars and getting them to sign/draw pretty pictures on two fabulous Indietracks 2012 cotton canvas bags, stuffed full of goodies generously donated by the bands themselves, the festival, and the Midland Railway! 

The goodie bags have just gone up for auction on eBay, here and here.

What better way to recreate the festival in the comfort of your own home, AND feel good in the knowledge that all the proceeds go to the railway and will help to keep it and the festival running!

The bags themselves were limited edition this year and sold out quickly, so here's your chance to own one if you didn't manage to snap one up. They boast the lovely artwork drawn for us by the very talented Claire Goldthorp.

Happy bidding!