Thursday, 9 April 2009

Indietracks interview #1: Zipper

Hello! Welcome to the Indietracks blog, where we'll be interviewing lots of the bands, giving away free songs and keeping you up to the date on all the latest news in the run-up to the festival. Can you believe it's still 15 weeks away? We wish the summer would hurry up!

First up is Zipper, who played a fantastic set at London Popfest recently. The pop punk trio from Madrid, who have released singles on WeePOP! and Cloudberry, are sure to get everyone at Indietracks shimmying along to their special brand of sunshine pop. Bassist and singer Maria tells us about the band's plans for the year and an unusual restuarant gig!

Hello Maria! Tell us a little bit about the band...

Oscar plays the drums and sometimes sings. David plays the guitar and sings backing voices. And me, Maria (Maria del Mar) play the bass guitar and sing the main voice. When we rehearse, Oscar loves eating "kikos" (fried corns), David drinks beer and I always tell my new illness of the day. We never argue and when someone plays something wrongly, we smile at each other, but never shout.

Tell us about an unusual place you've played a gig in the past
We played once in a convention of "Ford Capri" cars. We were invited to play at the end of the race, in a restaurant, for lunch!! When we arrived with all the equipment, the waiters didn't know anything about us playing there, but they allowed us to play in the garden (it was like a terrace). The guests started to complain about our noise, so they decided to close the windows and finally we were playing alone for ourselves on the grass with trees behind us, while 200 people were eating inside the restaurant. At least, we got our steak at the end...

Sounds interesting - I'm sure you'll be getting a much better reception at Indietracks! Do you have any exciting plans for the rest of the year?

Do you mean anything more exiting than playing at the Indietracks? We've booked Wembley for 2015 (it was harder than booking the Spanish church "Los Jeronimos" for a wedding....)

What attracted you to play at Indietracks?
Last year was the first time that we heard about the Indietracks and we found it very charming, with the steam-train and the lots of great, although sometimes unknown, bands that played there. We wanted to be part of it. We had the chance to play at the London Popfest and we loved the atmosphere, which we think must be similar or even better at Indietracks.

Thanks Maria! We'll look forward to seeing you at the festival - I'm sure your audience will be much bigger than the restaurant gig!

Zipper have very kindly given us a free song, A Good Man - which you can download below. Enjoy!

Free mp3 download: A Good Man

Next up: Help Stamp Out Loneliness talk about their similarity to yeast extract and their quest for indiepop dominance...

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  1. ¡Una entrevista buena! I can't wait to see the vivacious Zipper live. I hope they bring algunos globos!