Wednesday, 24 August 2011

2011 quiz answers!


Thanks very much to everyone who entered the quick quiz that we ran on this blog a week or so before the festival.

We tried to make the quiz a bit harder this year. However, for some reason, lots of you were able to identify the favourite crisp of John from Butcher Boy, the bass player on a 2003 Athlete b-side and the date when the first apple pie receipe was created. Seven people scored full marks on the quiz, and lots of others came very close, which was very disappointing. So next year, we're going to make the quiz fiendishly impossible. We will take it as a sign of our own failure if anyone dares to enter.

Anyway, for the second year running, it came down to a nail-biting tiebreak. Contestants were asked to come up with a fun name for a ficticious Indietracks workshop, drawing inspiration from real-life Indietracks workshops such as Knit Cave and the Bad Tweed. To be honest, it was a bit of a mixed bag. However, we're delighted to award first place and mystery Indietracks goodie bag to Lauren, who came up with "Say No To Gloves": a seminar (a) extolling the virtues of mittens as a superior hand warming garment and (b) teaching new converts how to crochet tiny ones for use as devices of propaganda. Congratulations Lauren!

The quiz answers are here: Indietracks blog 2011 quiz answers. Thanks again to everyone who took part!

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