Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fancy getting a coach back from Indietracks?

A badly-drawn mock-up of an Indietracks coach, yesterday

We're thinking of making tentative enquires to see if a coach company might be interested in running a shuttle service back to Nottingham, Derby or somewhere else each night after the festival finishes. We know some of you are staying in these cities during the festival and there's lots of cheap accommodation in each city if you don't fancy camping.

Of course, sadly you'd have to pay to get the shuttle bus and it would probably only run after the festival finishes - it's quite easy to get to the festival by public transport during the day.

No promises, we can't be sure that this idea is possible at the moment. However, if anyone is vaguely interested in this idea, please email us on indietrackstravel@gmail.com by Friday 7 May and let us know:

a) where you'd like a shuttle bus to take you home to (e.g. Nottingham, Derby)
b) how many nights you might catch it (e.g. Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

There's no commitment on your part, we're just seeing whether anyone's interested. Please let us know and if enough people are interested, we'll see if it's possible!

EDIT: for updates on this, please visit this Anorak forum thread.

In other news, as leaked on the internet in recent days, we're pleased to say that Sarah records legends The Orchids will be returning to the Indietracks festival this year!

And...  here's Indietracks founder Stuart Mackay being interviewed on the Neonfiller website. Enjoy!


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