Sunday, 14 July 2013

Indietracks interview #23: EXPENSIVE

Interview by John Stanley 

EXPENSIVE play loud electronic dream pop. They formed in June 2012 and include members of Arctic Circle, Child Mole and The Middle Ones. Inspirations include riot grrl, bangra, r'n'b and happy hardcore. They plan to release their first album in 2013. John Stanley asked them a few questions ahead of their Indietracks appearance.

What have you got in your pockets?
Matthew: Holes
Pete: Dust
Grace: No pockets today, but they usually have bits of old tissue because I have hayfever/classy lady.

There's a rumour there's going to be a hot tub at Indietracks this year? Are you getting in?
Grace: Nope.
Matthew: no we'll be swimming in whatever's the closest river.
Pete: Yeah I think we'll get in. Probably a good idea to get in the tub. Get my gross nude body in a steaming hot Indie Tub And Slime Around A Bit

Mumford & Sons offer you £2000 to support them. You have to have your picture taken with them too. Will you do it?
Grace: I would love to refuse them. Shame they'll never know who we are.
Pete: 2000 quid is shitloads so yeah?
Matthew: Yes, we could use the money, they probably look ok

Do nuns have hair?
Matthew: yes
Pete: We all live in an impermeable bubble of solipsism and connection between sentient beings is impossible
Grace: If a nun takes off her wimple in the middle of the forest and no one is around to see does she still have hair or something funny I don't know, what.

What's your personal best in the javelin?
Grace: Stop this now.
Pete: Cant remember but probably a pretty hefty distance due to Arm Muscles
Matthew: No inclination so far

What shape would you shave a poodle into?
Grace: A mermaid
Pete: St George's flag
Matthew: I'm against exploiting animals for art or entertainment

The Aztecs invented the camera. True or False?
Grace: Hey that sounds nice, yes.
Pete: True, also invented schadenfreude
Matthew: False, but then again Aztec West* is the 'A to Z of technology' so they say?

What's your favourite track off (Michael Jackson's) Thriller?
Matthew: Eat It
Pete: My Humps?
Grace: Never heard the album. So Thriller then?

Tell us a knock knock joke.
Matthew: knock knock, what do you call a fish with no eyes? fsh
Pete: nok nok, kiss my arm pits
Grace: /

Is there anything else you would like to say?
Matthew: no thats ok thanks
Pete: I have never met, associated with or contacted (in person, electronically, by phone, or mail) Edward Snowden or any members of his family or friends. Indeed I had not heard of him until recent reports in the international press. I love America and do not have any evil intent towards its citizens.
Grace: We're excited to play for all you babes!

*a weird suburb/business district of Bristol, where the band live

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