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Meet our Saturday workshop organisers!

(Bunting workshop. Photo: Fabric Nation

Okay, before we kick off, and entirely unrelated to workshops, we've had a couple of stage and steward volunteers drop out and are looking for a couple more. So if you'd like free entry and free camping in return for a few shifts, please read the following: Indietracks volunteers 2013.

Okay, now, we’ve met a lot of the bands on the blog already, and today we’re giving Saturday’s art and craft workshop organisers chance to introduce themselves. Over to you guys...

Saturday 2pm: Rock and Roll Sock Puppets!
Organisers: Bex and George
Cost: £3.50

“What could be more Indietracks than making your very own Rock and Roll SOCK PUPPET!? Channel the punk spirit of Helen Love or the joyful duo of The Lovely Eggs, get creative and let your inner indie kid run free with this fun, hands on workshop. A little rock and roll sock puppet to keep, by your side to dance the festival away!"

“ Bex is a drama and arts facilitator in London who works with children and young people doing cool creative education stuff. She loves Indietracks, 70's clothes, Morrissey, green eye shadow, cats, drawing, making collages and dancing. She does not like parsnips. George teaches art and runs workshops with kids and adults with learning disabilities. She likes: wool, making things, jumble sales, eating cheese, going to the park and being geeky about local history. She does not like rice pudding.

“We’re Indietracks regulars and this will be our third time running a workshop here together! And Bex's fourth running arts workshops! We’re looking forward to the incredible line up this year!, Helen Love, Lovely Eggs, Bis, The Wave Pictures, Milky Wimpshake and MORE! And of course making awesome rock and rock sock puppets with you!"

Saturday 3pm: Nosing with Norris
Organisers: Gareth and Jeanie
Cost: Free

“Nosey Norris Cole and his mad muse Mary have taken a day off from the Kabin and hopped in the camper van to visit the Midland Railway Museum. The Weatherfield Gazette made no mention of Indietracks, so they have found themselves lost in a sea of muddy revellers, and are less than happy! With his withering looks and pithy put downs, Norris spends the day making clear exactly what he thinks of the festival goers, much to the amusement of his lovelorn companion.”

“We've hidden 20 Norris faces and putdowns around the Indietracks site. Your mission is to spot as many as you can! Let us know where you saw Norris and what he said, for a chance to win fabulous prizes!”

“We’re artists and filmmakers who have done a number of workshops in the past, both at Indietracks and elsewhere. We love Indietracks, and look forward to discovering a new favourite band each year! Jeanie had a celebrity moment at last year's festival when she discovered that Just Joan's David had a sticker of her record store documentary 'SOUND IT OUT' on his wallet!”

Saturday 4pm: Bags of Fun! 

Organisers: Helen and Mij (with help from Kate, Ellie and Rhona – our daughters!)
Cost: £3

“The workshop is a chance to create your own canvas bag – choose a fab design based on your fave band, logo, flower – whatever floats your boat! We’ll supply the bags, fabric pens and sticky bits – you bring the imagination!  Suitable for indie kids of all ages.”

“We’re keen amateurs – crafty genes just seem to kick in when you’ve got kids, and having made countless bags with them before, and seen the array of fab designs being carried around at the last couple of Indietracks, we thought we’d give people a chance to get creative and bag some designs which are just about them!”

 “We’re both working mums, who met at University, and use Indietracks as a chance to get together with our families and have generally, just have the best of times. This will be our fourth year here and it is something the whole family looks forward to – it’s such a great festival, really well run, with an inspired choice of bands - and the sun always shines on Friday nights as we walk down to get our first taste of the festival. Always. It’s the law. Even last year when we drove through floods to get there.”

“Our fave Indietracks memories include bumping into Emma from Standard Fare in the merch tent last year and asking if we could get a photo with her – she insisted on getting the rest of the band too and posing with our kids –who were all wearing Standard Fare t-shirts.  Gopal’s Curry Shack is always a highlight too, as is taking in a band in the church. Once seen, never forgotten! Gin and tonics outside our tents, having spent a full and fabulous day at the festival, are a given. This year, particularly looking forward to the Pastels and The Lovely Eggs, but one of the wonderful things about the festival is we always come away loving at least 10 new bands we’d never heard before. Have so many great memories of bands we’ve seen it would be cruel to pick just a few.”

Saturday 5pm: Three Cheers for Indietracks

Organisers: Seleena and Holly
Cost: Free

“Come and learn to cheer! we will show you some awesome moves, get you to rhyme and shout and shake your booty and pom poms. You don't need any previous cheerleading skills, just enthusiasm! Working together we will create a cheer for Indietracks with some hot moves to go along. Scream and shout, let it all out!”

“The Radical Cheerleaders of the North formed way back in 2002. Inspired heavily by the radical Cheerleading movement in the US, we were the first ones to appear in the UK. Wanting to hit the stage but having no musical talent, we grabbed some pom poms and began to cheer! We opened Ladyfests, supported some of our favourite bands, got cheered ourselves (and also got booed off stage) But above all we had fun. Now we're back and we want others to cheer too!”

"One half of us has been to Indietracks before, and the thrill of eating snacks on the mini train never goes away! We’re looking forward to pretending it's 9t6 watching Bis, trains, eating, cheering HELEN LOVE!"

Sounds ace! We'll introduce you all to our Sunday workshop organisers in the next week... 

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